Imad Muteb reveals his conversation with Musimani about Al-Ahly training and confirms: The choice of a genius


Emad Mutab, the former Al-Ahly and Egyptian national striker, described South African Pitso Mosimane as coaching the red genie with a genius choice, and Mutab said in statements to On Time Sports during the analytical studio for the Al-Ahly and Arsenal match: “I really chose a seasonal genius, this coach is wonderful, I faced him as a player and I saw How does he present a distinct tactical style that does not depend on long balls at all, but rather short play and tactical sentences. ”

Imad Mutaib added: “Whoever has had good fortune dealt with Musimani while he was in the analytical studio for the African Nations Cup Egypt 2019 and he told me about his desire and life’s wish to train Al-Ahly. At that time Al-Ahly was negotiating with Gomez, the coach of the Saudi cooperation, but the Al-Ahly club management finally settled on Fyler and I said at the time, Hyji Day.” I train Al-Ahly. ”

Imad Mutaib added, “I saw a goal scored by the Musimani group in Barcelona from the goalkeeper to the net without touching the ball by any Barcelona player despite his terrible potential.”

On the other hand, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly Club, met with Jamal Jaber, Director of the Media Center at the club, this afternoon, Tuesday, to draft a statement of dismissal of the Swiss Rene Fyler, the technical director of the team, and to write a statement appointing South African Pitso Musimani to succeed Failer, and Al-Ahly club officials succeeded in contracting with Musimani without paying Any money for his former club, Sun Downs, as Musimani canceled his contract with him in order for him to assume the technical leadership of the Red Team, as Al-Ahly officials have a good relationship with their counterparts in the Sun Downs, which facilitated negotiations between the two parties, as the latter promised to facilitate the sale of the Uruguayan player Sereno For the red team in the new season.

Club officials contracted Ahly With the South African Musimane to lead the red team for two seasons, Musimani arrives tomorrow, Thursday, to lead Al-Ahly’s training, succeeding Rene Fyler, the former Al-Ahly coach, and Musimani agreed to include Michel Bancon, the coach of Al-Ahly’s guards in the Swiss apparatus, Rene Fyler, after the latter was dismissed and assigned responsibility to Musimani, and from Yankon is scheduled to sign a new contract with Al-Ahly as soon as the contract with Fyler is terminated, on Thursday.


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