Imam Ashour instead of Sassi in the center of Zamalek in front of El Gouna


Tariq Yahya, the technical director of the Zamalek team, announced the formation in which he will compete in today’s match against El Gouna in the 30th round of the League matches, and Zamalek began the match with a formation that includes: Mahmoud Jensh in the goalkeeping, in front of him the four-wheeler Hazem Imam, Mahmoud Al-Wansh, Mahmoud Alaa and Abdullah Jumaa, and in the middle Imam Ashour, Tariq Hamed, Obama, Ahmed Syed Zizou, Ashraf bin Sharqi and Kasungu.

Tariq Yahya, the interim coach of the Zamalek team, decided to exclude Mohamed Abu Jabal, the goalkeeper of the team, from the starting line-up for the match scheduled for El Gouna this evening in the matches of the 30th round of the League, as Tariq Yahya preferred to rest Abu Jabal from today’s match in preparation for the Raja match in the semi-final round of the Champions League Africa, and not being stressed while being a staple throughout the season.

In the same context, Tariq Yahya held several sessions with the white team players, during which he asked them to perform their best performance, in today’s match against the El Gouna team, in the meeting that brings the two teams together in the thirtieth round of the League Championship, which is held at Cairo Stadium, at eight in the evening, where he stressed On the importance of limiting the control of the coastal team over the events and the course of the match, especially since El Gouna is struggling to relegate, and it will not be an easy catch unless the good performance of Zamalek players returns..

Yahya talked with Zamalek players on the importance of leaving the match by achieving the equation, reaping the three points, and providing a distinctive technical performance and level, in light of El Gounas desire and need for any point in the harvest of the rest of the tournament matches to ensure that it is not relegated to the Second Division League, in addition to being the last match for Tariq Yahya In the position of technical director, where he hands over the task to the new coach Pacheco, who took over the training of the team to succeed Carton, who left to train the Saudi cooperation .

Zamalek enters the match, ranking second in the ranking table with 58 points, after playing 29 matches, during which he won 17 matches, tied in 7 confrontations and was defeated in 5 matches, while his players scored 40 goals and conceded 22 goals, but Al-Abyad was considered a nominal defeat with a score of 2 / 0, in his match against Al-Ahly at the top of the first round of the local competition, so that it was decided to deduct 3 additional points from his tally at the end of the current season, while El Gouna ranks thirteenth in the Premier League table, with a score of 31 points, after playing 29 matches in which he won in 8 encounters, 7 tied and 14 defeated, while his players scored 24 goals and conceded 37 goals.

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