Immune imbalance … the reason for the difference in symptoms of corona from mild to death (details)


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Despite the return of life, and people are little away from adhering to all precautionary measures against the Corona virus, the virus, and trying to understand its circumstances, will remain a concern for them, until this epidemic is over. There are many questions that are still revolving in their minds without reaching an answer, the most important of which is why in some people with Coronavirus the symptoms are dangerous and reach death, while in others they are slight or without symptoms?

In this regard, a magazine was published the day before yesterday American Science

Two studies try to answer this question. The two studies were conducted on Covid-19 patients from several countries around the world, and they concluded that the reason for this may be an immune defect in some people for genetic reasons.

Commenting on this, Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Bassiouni, the former dean of medicine in Minya, and a full-time professor of medical microbiology and immunology, says that this is true. A proportion of those who are seriously infected have a genetic mutation in the genes that produce important immune bodies against the Corona virus (type 1 interferon). These mutations cause low or no production of this protein in severely ill people compared to others. There are also antibodies produced by the body, which unfortunately inhibit the production of type 1 immune interferon proteins in people who were seriously ill. Until now, it is not known why these autoimmune bodies are present in some people, and this is what the second study discovered.

Adding: It has also been shown that the mentioned mutations or autoantibodies occur more frequently in elderly men, more than women or young men, which explains the phenomenon that elderly men are more likely to have serious symptoms after infection with the Coronavirus.

Noting that in some cases of infection with the Coronavirus, known medicines are used according to the treatment protocol of the Ministry of Health. In advanced stages, the patient needs to be placed on a breathing machine. There are cases that they have already suffered from symptoms, but they did not catch Corona, to the extent that they think there is a new disease. But this is a mistake. And all that happened is that they have a strong immune system, which fought the disease and eliminated it, before it could do them. But if his immune system cannot fight the disease, his temperature will start to rise, he will suffer from vomiting and diarrhea, and he will suffer from hallucinations and lose the sense of smell and taste, and his heartbeat will slow down. According to the statistics. 80% of those affected have a strong immune system and do not feel symptoms .. 15% get sick and are cured. 5% go into intensive care. 3% cure, 2% die, and these have chronic diseases and can die from any infection other than the virus.

Explaining that half of the carriers of COVID-19 infection are less than 35 years old and without symptoms. But they transmit the infection to the elderly who suffer from severe symptoms, and to the rest of their family members or those in contact with them, but each individual according to his immunity, his resistance is determined. Hence the importance of wearing a muzzle, washing hands and social distancing, especially after the return of life and near the start of a new academic year.

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