Imposing financial fees on the belongings of railway passengers “above 12 kilometers”


Ahmed Saadawi:

Posted in: Monday 28 September 2020 – 3:12 PM | Last update: Monday, September 28, 2020 – 3:12 PM

Raslan to Al-Shorouk: The fees range from 10 pounds to 140 pounds, depending on the weight and the distance of the flight
The National Authority of Egypt Railways decided to activate the “parcel” service to collect financial fees on the belongings of the Authority’s trains weighing more than 12 kilograms, in the framework of maximizing its revenues and compensating part of its losses in order to provide better service to citizens.
The head of the Railways Authority, Ashraf Raslan, said that maximizing the authority’s revenues depends on two main aspects, the first of which is to increase the number of passenger trains, improve the service provided to the passenger and ensure the authority’s right to collect the value of the individual boarding ticket, and the second is to provide tractors and extend and duplicate the railways, which increases the authority’s ability to participate by a percentage. Bigger in transporting goods.
Raslan added, in statements to Al-Shorouk, that the measures taken by the authority within the framework of the initiative of the Minister of Transport, Kamel Minister, to prevent the independence of trains without tickets and to impose fines on violators, increased the authority’s revenues about 30 to 40 million pounds per month.
Raslan explained that the authority noticed the exploitation of some merchants and many travelers to trains to transport goods or heavy-weight belongings, so it decided to activate the parcel service imposed for years, in order to collect financial fees on items that exceed 12 kilograms, or the equivalent of the traveler’s hand bag, “out of concern. On the comfort of passengers in the first place », as he put it.
The head of the authority pointed out that the fees will range between 10 pounds and 140 pounds, which are determined by the train supervisor and are collected inside the train according to the weight of the package and the distance of the trip.
A source in the authority explained to Al-Shorouk that 30 pounds will be collected for a parcel weighing 30 kilograms for a distance of 300 kilometers, 50 pounds for a package weighing from 30 to 60 kilograms, and 80 pounds for a package weighing 100 kilograms for a distance of 300 kilometers, and collection of 140 Pounds at 100 kilograms for a distance of 1,000 kilometers.
Raslan stated that the authority is implementing a comprehensive development plan on various lines, in addition to modernizing the rail fleet by supplying Russian cars, American tractors and Spanish trains in full, as well as developing signaling systems to operate electronically instead of electrical to increase safety and security rates, in addition to projects to extend and duplicate railways to transport 1.5 million Citizens daily instead of the current 800,000 passengers.

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