Imprisonment of the suspect by running over the police officer on the ring road and seizing surveillance cameras at the scene of the accident


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The Qalioub Prosecution office ordered the arrest of the accused to run over the police officer Mustafa Abdel Jalil of the General Traffic Department during his escape on the Ring Road in Qalioub. The prosecution requested the investigations investigation into the incident and inquired about the condition of the injured police chief to ask him

The Public Prosecution office also ordered the emptying of the surveillance cameras that are kept in custody at the scene of the accident, to indicate the circumstances and circumstances of the incident

The accused, Fayez A.S., admitted that he drove the bus with its brilliance and crazy speed while the martyr officer asked about his license, and when he learned that the officer had fallen under the bus, he hurriedly tried to escape, but he fell into the grip of the devices and the security services kept the accused and the bus in custody

The security services of Qalyubia were able to identify the driver who caused the accident of Major Mustafa Abdel Jalil in the General Traffic Department, where it was found that the accused was called “Fayez A.A.”, the driver of the car, “178” DNA “a passenger bus” from the village of Tanan, Qalyoub Center To commit the incident.

On the other hand, the people of his estate “Abu Khadra” in Shebeen al-Qanater Minya, affiliated to the Shebin al-Qanater Center, the body of the martyr Mustafa Abdel Jalil, and it was buried in the family cemetery, where the people gathered to bury the body.

A relative of the martyr said that he had three sons, the eldest of whom was called “Ahmed 15 years old,” “10 years old,” and “Muhammad 5 years old,” pointing out that he had believed that the martyr officer was martyred in Sinai as soon as they heard the news of his martyrdom.

And I seized surveillance cameras on the ring and agricultural road in an attempt to reveal the identity of the driver accused of running over the martyr officer Mustafa Abdel Jalil, and the security services examined a number of surveillance cameras on the highway, and the security services also kept a camera installed on a booth above the ring road, which contributed to reaching the perpetrator of the incident

Whereas eyewitnesses confirmed that the martyr officer stopped the driver in Nazlat Qalioub above the ring to ask him about driving licenses, but the driver stopped and when the officer approached him, he speeded up the bus and the officer got stuck in the bus door and fell under his wheels and ran faster.

Eyewitnesses added that the officers’ escorts in the committee were busy calling for an ambulance trying to save him while the bus and its captain disappeared.

Major Mustafa Abdul Jalil Police in the General Traffic Department was killed on the agricultural road in Nazlet Qalioub, on the Ring Road, after a bus collided with him while the officer tried to stop his commander, so he refused, ran away and was killed before reaching the hospital.

While the accident resulted in the injury of a police officer while the bus captain ran away and the driver’s route was tracked until he was arrested and the prosecution took over the investigation, so it ordered a permit to bury the body of the martyr and to reserve the accused for early presentation for investigation, and also decided to reserve the bus that caused the accident

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