In a horrific crime … the arrest of a Tunisian who killed a girl and cut her body


The Tunisian security authorities announced the discovery of the rotten body of a girl in her thirties in a neighborhood of the capital, Tunis, days after her disappearance, after being subjected to violence, even being killed by a perverted young man, and he was not satisfied with that, but rather that he cut her body after she was killed, according to Erm News.

And the Ministry of Interior announced in a statement, that the perpetrator was arrested by the security forces to confess to committing the crime on Monday, and that he was under the influence of alcohol as he strangled her until she died, then he destroyed her corpse and cut it into pieces.

Relatives of the victim, called Rahma Lahmar, gathered on Saturday in a protest march in which civil society activists participated in the Carthage Palace, calling for the execution of the murderer, who was arrested Friday and authorized the Public Prosecution to keep him and refer him to the Sub-Department of Criminal Cases in the Justice Police Department to continue research.

The protesters called on the President of the Republic, Qais Saeed, to impose the death penalty against the 29-year-old killer of Rahma, whose body was uncovered in a waterway in the “Ain Zaghouan” area, north of the capital Tunis, after she disappeared four days ago under mysterious circumstances.

It is noteworthy that the number of heinous crimes that affect girls, women and even the elderly in Tunisia has witnessed a remarkable increase, especially the crimes of murder and rape, which are witnessing a wide debate about the implementation of the death sentence, as the judiciary can issue death sentences, because the implementation remains linked to the approval of the President of the Republic of The decision, which did not happen for many years despite previous death sentences.

In the same context, the families of the victim called on the President of the Republic to intervene and push for the enforcement of judicial rulings issued to execute people who commit terrible murders, which is what associations active in the field of defending the rights of women and children seek..

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