In the Abraq Raghama area .. a machete attack on the groom’s brother .. watch


An attack took place in the Abraq Raghama area in eastern Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the groom’s brother did not congratulate his brother’s wedding with joy, as he was attacked by the perpetrator with a machete while leaving the wedding palace.

Details of an unknown attack on Aris’s brother in the Abraq Raghama area:

It is noteworthy that the park police had received a notification of that strange incident, and then they opened an investigation into that incident, amid follow-ups from the invitees and relatives who came to know the fate of the groom’s brother and the attack that happened to him.

The assailant, the brother of the groom, in the Abraq Raghama area in eastern Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said that he was preparing to get into his car after attending the party, while the perpetrator noticed leaving his house with a machete and some machines in hand.

But he thought that he might have been trying to fix his car, but he approached him in a surprise attack and tried to hit him with a machete, and he had no choice but to escape by himself, and he ran away from the attacker, who did not know who he was and actually succeeded in that.

He was surprised by the attacker damaging his tires and smashing them while he was in an unknown hysterical state. The groom’s brother speaks and says that I had no other choice but to escape, but the mysterious attacker ran behind me and beat me.


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