In the Guardian: Britain’s failure to learn hard lessons from the first wave of the coronavirus outbreak is a disaster


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The second wave of the Covid-19 disease epidemic is the main concern of the British newspapers published Tuesday, as they dealt with the extent to which Britain has learned the lessons of the first outbreak of the epidemic last spring, and how to prepare for a new wave.

We start with the opinion page in the Guardian newspaper, and an article by William Hanage, professor of the evolution of infectious disease epidemiology at Harvard, discussing the extent to which Britain understands the lessons learned from the first outbreak of the epidemic.

Britain appears to be suffering from forgetfulness or amnesia. He says that since last spring, more than 40,000 people have died, and he finds this tragedy, for all its enormity, should have been an opportunity for learning – assuming governments are prepared to do so.

He says that since the pandemic first broke out in the early part of the year, scientists and governments have learned a lot about the virus, and realized that the best way to fight it is to test, trace and isolate.

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