In the picture – Do you know that Sherif Ramzy is the grandson of this great late artist?


Many admire the personality and presence of the young Egyptian actor Sherif Ramzy. This comes after his participation in many television and cinematic works, the first of which was “Asrar Al Banat”, then “Samir, Shahir and Bhair”, “Dahr Ragel”, “Al-Araf”, “My share and your division” and others.

As for what many activists on social media do not know, it is that Sherif Ramzy is the grandson of the late artist Salah Zulfikar, and the son of producer Mohamed Hassan Ramzy, brother of the Mu’tazila artist Hoda Ramzy. He also had spoken during a press interview about the relationship that he had with his grandfather, where he said that he was his ideal and a reason for the formation of his personality, and added that he was very similar to him and inherited from him the great ability to love and give, as well as he used to give him advice and help him solve his problems, and accompany him sometimes To filming sites, he is interested in him and in developing his artistic capabilities.

It is noteworthy that Sherif Ramzy recently sent a message to parents about schools, in which he said: “The most important investment in life is your children and the first day of school in their lives will remain the most difficult and most important day. And the first step in their independence from their families. Your children will not leave on this particular day, and try to provide them with as much support, preparation and love as possible so that they can prepare for this day in peace and start their lives with happiness, comfort and psychological stability. ”


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