In the picture – Is the beautiful movie star “Dangerous Relationships” the granddaughter of the late Riad Al-Qasabji?


Activists on social media recently remembered Goya al-Qasabji, a young actress who participated in the movie “Dangerous Relationships”. Through their research, they indicated that she is the granddaughter of the late famous artist, Riad Al-Qasabji, who was known for performing the character “Al-Shawish Attia”.

Many expressed their admiration for Goyas beauty, noting that she has foreign features. It is noteworthy that the film, which was filmed in 2011, included, in addition to the young star, a number of Egyptian screen faces, such as Magdy Fikry, Samah Al-Saeed and Fikri Sadeq.

It is known that Goyas grandfather joined Ismail Yassin’s troupe, where he participated in a number of comedies, including: “Ismail Yassin in the Army,” “My Heart is My Guide,” and “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”. On the personal level, the late actor had two sons, Mahmoud and Fathi, who indicated in one of the meetings that his father married 9 times, 5 conventionally and 4 officially.


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