In the video – Amr Adib by Amr Diab on the authority of Dina El-Sherbiny: “May God be with you.”


Egyptian journalist Amr Adib commented on a video clip that shows the exercises of the Egyptian star Dina El-Sherbiny in the sports club while she is lifting weights, joking with the great Egyptian star Amr Diab, saying: “God be with you.”

He added, “A very terrible need … No, not once or twice … Health, take care of her .. The girl separates 10 women with her health .. You want to see when the iron breaks out … A need for fear .. God be with you, O plateau .. God be with you Amr .. if I tried even a quarter of this weight, I would not know how to carry it .. Odek, where are you .. People were still small and their health was good .. And then she wrote that she went back to play .. I mean, this is heating up .. Hopes before that you were Chile what? ” .

He concluded by saying on the authority of Diab and Al-Sharbini: “A couple, Mama, a very positive need.”

It is reported that Adeeb commented earlier on a video of “Al-Hadba” showing his physical fitness and his physical abilities, saying that “Amidst great pressures, As-Sobh opens the Twitter and Amr Diab meets with an official complaint about you, and you feel that you are clinically dead and that you are finished and you have no role and you are spare parts.” And Chinese “.

He added, “Amr Diab has worked hard for years and does things that no one can do at Real Madrid. Excessive health.”

He continued: “We are supposed to be one year old or older than him, but he is thinking and focusing on the 50 years that are coming and I have a stroke and a virgin death. This is Amr Diab. He will live a million years.”

And he continued: “Unnatural fitness, and his health is explosive. I collapsed while he defies envy, and the clip is not a leak. Amr Diab is saying death with your anger.”


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