Including fighting breast cancer .. Learn about the health benefits of black olives


Black olives contain healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which makes it one of the most important foods that are beneficial to health at all, and studies have shown that black olives have health benefits on all body functions.

– It works to reduce the proportion of harmful cholesterol in the body and increase the proportion of good cholesterol, therefore, people who use olive oil in cooking have less chances of developing heart disease, compared to those who use other fats, and olives contain elements that help get rid of unsaturated fats and get rid of Cholesterol.
Black olives are a rich source of plant compounds whose importance lies in their ability to reduce osteoporosis.
Rich in antioxidants that contribute to reducing the risk of neurodegeneration and cancer.
Lowering blood pressure; Eating extra virgin olive oil, along with antihypertensive medications for patients with high blood pressure, can contribute to improving blood pressure.
Olive oil works as an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce the growth of microorganisms.
Reducing the risk of stroke.
Some studies have suggested that olive oil may fight Alzheimer’s disease.
Contributes to reducing joint pain and inflammation, and its effectiveness increases if used in conjunction with fish oil.
Olive oil is a natural moisturizer for skin and hair.
Eating 10 olives before starting food helps reduce appetite. This is because it contains acids that stimulate the action of the hormone responsible for satiety.
Stimulating cells to produce a chemical that helps burn and get rid of fats.
Olives are rich in iron, which stimulates the production of the compound carnitine, which turns fats into energy.

Because it contains plant substances and antioxidants that specifically fight this type of cancer

It stimulates the secretion of bile, and also stimulates the work of the pancreas, which leads to improved digestion in the body.
It increases the production of enzymes that have a role in fat processing and disposal.


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