Including obesity .. 7 factors of diabetes


Diabetes is one of the noncommunicable diseases that threaten the health of millions worldwide, due to its negative effects and complications on the internal organs of the human body.

And doctors advise to monitor the blood sugar level regularly, to avoid reaching high levels that threaten the health of the kidneys and nerves or any of its serious complications.

The Ministry of Health has identified a number of factors that lead to diabetes, namely:

Abnormal glucose levels already reached during pregnancy.
If a family member has diabetes.
Unhealthy diet.
Attaining the age of 40 years or over.
Physical pregnancy.
Tobacco use.

The Ministry of Health said that mobile clinics are waiting for you every day as part of the President’s initiative to follow up and treat chronic diseases in all governorates of the Republic for free detection and treatment.

You can find out the places of the mobile clinics closest to you through the Egypt Health application …
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