Including weight loss .. This is what happens to your body when you eat yogurt daily


08:01 PM

Sunday 13 September 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

Yogurt is a rich source of high-quality protein and calcium. It is also an important nutrient for human health, including vitamins and minerals, so when you eat it daily, its nutritional value increases, according to “healthline”.

1- Improve your mental health:

The probiotics in yogurt and dairy not only positively affect your physical health, but they also affect your mental health, thus helping to improve anxiety, depression, stress, memory, and mood improvement.

2- Rich in important nutrients:

It contains a lot of calcium, which is a mineral necessary for healthy teeth and bones, as only one cup of yogurt provides 49% of your daily calcium needs, and it is also high in vitamins, especially vitamin B12, both of which may protect against heart disease.

One cup also provides 38% of your daily need for phosphorous, 12% for magnesium and 18% for potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure, metabolism and bone health.

3- Strengthening the immune system:

Eating yogurt on a regular basis strengthens your immune system and reduces the likelihood of disease. The probiotics in yogurt and dairy products have been shown to help stimulate natural antibodies and immune cells to attack viruses.

4- Digestive health

Because it contains probiotics, this promotes digestive health by reducing symptoms of common digestive disorders, such as bloating, diarrhea and constipation.

5- Prevention of osteoporosis:

Yogurt is rich in vitamins and minerals that play a major role in strengthening and healthy bones, in addition to that, consuming it regularly may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

6- Heart Health:

Some research shows that eating saturated fats found in yogurt increases the level of good HDL cholesterol, thus protecting heart health. In addition, eating yogurt daily reduces the risk of heart disease.

7- Weight Loss:

Yogurt contains many properties that may aid in weight loss, in addition to being high in protein, which together with calcium helps increase levels of hormones that reduce appetite, such as peptides.

Several studies have found that eating yogurt is associated with a decrease in body weight, body fat percentage and waist circumference, in addition to that it may reduce the incidence of obesity.


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