Interior: Two terrorists were killed during a security raid in Al-Qalj in A.


02:07 PM

Monday 28 September 2020

Books – Alaa Omran:

Two very dangerous terrorist elements were killed, after an exchange of fire in Qalyubia, and those involved in targeting Christians, and Lt. Col. Muhammad Al-Hofi, was killed in the National Security Sector.

Information received from the National Security Sector hiding two of those very dangerous elements in one of the apartments in Al-Qalj in Qalyubia, and taking them as a den to prepare and plan to commit hostile operations during the coming period.

The information confirmed that the aforementioned were among the elements of the takfiri cell, which was directed a preemptive strike during the month of April, before carrying out terrorist operations in conjunction with the holidays of the Christian community, and that dealing with it resulted in the death of seven terrorist elements, and the martyrdom of Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Al-Hof in the National Security Sector.

The apartment was immediately raided, and the dealings resulted in the killing of the two terrorist operatives: Hussam Abd Rabbo Ali Karkit (born in 1978), and Ahmed al-Sayyid al-Bayoumi Ibrahim (born in 1983)

They were found in possession of (a machine gun, 1 cartridge made of Helwan, and a quantity of rounds of different bullets, and legal measures were taken, and the Supreme State Security Prosecution is in charge of the investigation.


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