Investigations reveal details of a nurse’s harassment of a student being treated for Corona in a Dokki hospital


Investigations of the Public Prosecution in northern Giza revealed the details of accusing a girl of a nurse in a private hospital in Dokki, of harassing her, as it was found that the girl was a university student, and that she had contracted the Corona virus several days ago, and after that she entered the hospital to receive treatment, and that the accused nurse entered her room and touched sensitive parts of Her body, which pushed her to his river and tried to help the workers, so he immediately left her and left the room.

The prosecution requested the security services’ complementary investigations about the incident. To find out their circumstances and circumstances.

Giza Investigation arrested a nurse in a hospital in Dokki, accused of harassing a girl infected with the Coronavirus, while she was receiving treatment in the hospital, and released a report on the incident, and the prosecution began the investigation.

Dokki Police Department received a report from a twenty-year-old girl, who accused a hospital nurse of harassing her, and stated that while she was receiving treatment for Coronavirus, the accused harassed her.

Investigations managed to arrest the accused, and drafted a report on the incident, and investigations are being intensified to uncover the circumstances of the incident, and the prosecution took over the investigation.


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