Is Abdel Moneim Amayri separated from Dana Al-Halabi? | news


Postings and posts on social networking sites through the accounts of actor Abdel Moneim Amayri and Dana Al Halabi sparked controversy over the continuation of their romantic relationship.

It started after Dana Al-Halabi had a traffic accident, and she posted a picture of her with her two sons on Instagram, and a writer commented: “I did a car accident today. I am fine, thanks for all the messages I love. “

Then she posted a picture of her and wrote: “I need ten minds above mine to convince myself that there is a man who does not lie.”

Hours later, Al-Amayri wrote through his Facebook account: “Today I turned the most beautiful page on the most beautiful novel in my life,” to raise questions about the continuation of their relationship.


The duo revealed their engagement last January after many rumors about the nature of their relationship after they appeared together a lot.

Abdel Moneim Amairi had previously married actress Amal Arafa, with whom he had two daughters.

It is reported that Dana was famous for her song “Ana Dana Ana Dandan”.

As for Abdel Moneim Al-Amairi’s last work, it was the series “Kingdoms of Fire”, and presented the character of “Sultan Bayazid”, the son of “Muhammad Al-Fateh”. Yassin bin Gamrah, Suhair bin Amara, Kinda Hanna, Nidal Najm, Khaled Negm, Saad Mina, Khaled Kamal, Muhammad Hatim, Baha Tharwat, Muhammad Jumah, Mahmoud Hafez, Yazan Al-Sayed, Dima Qandalaft, Abdel Rahim Hassan, Lubna Wans, Alaa Qassem Ali Sattouf, Ramez Aswad.

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