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Last week, two important political events took place, and while one of them was occupied by the Egyptian public sphere and some Arab and international media, and wide areas of attention were allocated to it, the other event did not receive adequate treatment, even though the two events are intertwined and complementary.

Calls from traditional hostile media platforms, most of which are now in Turkey and Qatar, came to Egyptians to “exit”, “revolution”, “destroy” and “chaos”, in parallel with the severe and intense attacks on social media, most of which have been proven to be masterminded through electronic committees. , Which also stems from these two countries in particular.

These calls ask Egyptians to go out in demonstrations, wage acts of sabotage, and the use of violence against law enforcement forces, with the aim of exhausting them and paralyzing their ability to carry out their work, and then creating chaos and overthrowing the state. The callers use some “specialists” or “advisors” to explain to the Egyptians The enraged how they implement this plan and succeed in creating chaos.

Parallel to that important event that occupied the state and its media, because of the danger it naturally entailed, the other important event took place without being adequately shed light on it, and without the link between the two events being clarified to the public.

Turkey has once again approached Egypt and is trying to reach an understanding with it and to close the file of hostility between the two countries, and what we can understand from this appeared in the statements of the President of the Turkish Republic, his foreign minister and some of his advisers. Indeed, leaders in the opposition stressed the need to improve relations with Cairo as well. .

Not only that, as responsible Egyptian sources announced that they had received Turkish offers through secret channels to start negotiations aimed at improving relations and signing agreements immediately, but Egypt responded that it would not move in the file of reconciliation with Turkey and Qatar except through its coordination with its allies in the Arab Quartet calling for confronting terrorism. (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Bahrain), and she emphasized that what you hear of offers of negotiation and courtship have no effects on the ground.

It will be possible to describe Erdogan with many descriptions, but the most embodied and least attached to him when describing him by his opponents or allies is the description of pragmatism, as this leader embodies a fierce pragmatic tendency that governs his movement and strikes before it with any historical, moral, humanitarian, or even rational political consideration.

Erdogan clashed with Israel, angered Russia, fought Syria, spoiled Egypt, soured his country’s relations with the European Union, nearly fought Greece, and launched attacks on his Gulf allies, leaving only Qatar and one of the neighboring countries with him.

Instead of finding himself in an environment that the expelled Prime Minister Davutoglu called “zero problems,” he placed Turkey in an environment that could be called “100% problems.”

When Erdogan finds himself besieged, or finds a price for a position that can help him, or a reasonable return for an ally that could abandon him, he does so regardless of the obstacles, for that Russia, which was exalted after he shot down its warplane, succumbed to it and apologized for a humiliating apology in order to restore relations with it, It stimulates trade and tourism, and stops possible Russian military support to the Kurds who want to separate from their country.

And that Israel, which has made Arabs and Muslims illusion that it is its first enemy, while it does not cease to strengthen strategic relations with it.

And now Erdogan puts pressure on Egypt on the one hand, using the wheel of “Brotherhood” information and agitation, and sends it signals of affection on the other side, and when interests are balanced and the point of agreement is reached, those who were used as fuel to ripen his deal will sacrifice. They will then be in the lowest homes.

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