Ismaily welcomes the return of Mohamed Awad under the slogan “return the favor”


Abu Talib Al-Essawi, the general coach of the Ismaili club, welcomed the return of Mohamed Awad, goalkeeper of the Zamalek team to the Yellow Castle ranks, if the goalkeeper wanted to return Jamil Al-Darwish, and Abu Talib Al-Essawi said in a telephone interview for the Hour Program with Schubert on On Sport FM Radio: “The Ismaili contracting committee has already started following up some The players in preparation for negotiating with them to move to the ranks of the club in the upcoming summer transfers, especially that Engineer Ibrahim Othman granted the committee all the powers to negotiate and implement.

Abu Talib Al-Essawi continued: “Muhammad Magdy and Muhammad Fawzi are presenting a distinguished season, but we want to sign a distinguished goalkeeper to increase competition between the players in this position, and we have set our eyes on some distinguished guards, and we will start negotiating with them.”

On the return of Muhammad Awwad to the Ismaili, Abu Talib al-Issawi commented, “After his stance with Zamalek and offering it for sale, if Muhammad Awad wanted to return the favor to the Ismaili, we would welcome his return.”

Regarding the Ismaili veterans’ support for the team, Al-Issawi said: “It was an important visit that left a great impact on the souls of the players, and as a result we achieved an important victory over a large team such as the Tale’aa al-Jaish that includes very distinctive elements, and we seek in the upcoming matches to improve the status of the dervishes and put the club in the place it deserves in the league table. I hope that we will play the remaining matches as cup matches to end the season in the Golden Square. ”

open mortada MansourChairman of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, the door of departure in front of Mohamed Awad, goalkeeper of the first football team in the White Castle, and the club seeks to market the goalkeeper during the coming period.

Mortada Mansour said in televised remarks, “It is better for Mohamed Awad to leave the ranks of Zamalek during the coming period. We have contracted with Muhammad Awad, which is number one, but anyone sits on the bench a lot with my echo, I hope that there will be a presentation for Zamalek that is worthy of Zamalek and Mohamed Awad.”

And Zamalek had previously refused, during the last period, Muhammad Awad, on loan, during the current summer transfers, to the ranks of Saudi cooperation.


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