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Lately, there has been a lot of talk about normalization with the State of Israel after we saw on television that US President Donald Trump celebrated in Washington the representatives of the United Arab Emirates and the State of Bahrain to sign the normalization agreement with Israel, and his assertion that there are five other Arab countries that will join the initiative of normalization with Israel. After that, the Arabs and Muslims split between supporters and opponents of normalization with Israel. We were surprised by the announcement of Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah, that he is against normalization with Israel, and that no one of the Israelis will be allowed to enter Sharjah. We were very surprised by a blog on social media of a Muslim figure who advocates normalization, saying: “The word Israel is mentioned 36 times in the Qur’an, while Palestine is not mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.” So what is the truth about mentioning Israel and not mentioning Palestine in the Holy Quran?

It is clear to us from the research and according to the reliable reference that the word Israel is mentioned in the Holy Quran 43 times, not 36, of which 41 verses are added to the word “Bani” meaning “the children of Israel” and in 3 verses the word Israel came the word “Israel”, and in both cases the word Israel in the Holy Quran It does not mean the current state of Israel, which occupied the lands of Palestine and established in 1948 a religious state “Jewish” on the usurped land, but the word Israel in the Holy Qur’an means the Prophet of God, Jacob bin Ishaq bin Ibrahim, and he is called Israel in Hebrew, and the word Israel is made up of “prisoners”, Any slave, in addition to “El”, which means god, meaning that God’s prophet Israel (Jacob) is God. As for the Jews who now live among us all over the world and then gathered on the land of Palestine in a state that they called “Israel”, they are descended from “Judah”, and he is one of the twelve sons of Israel (Jacob) .. That is, the Jews are not all of the sons of Israel, But they built Judah, and many of these Jews settled in Arabia long ago. When the Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) immigrated to Yathrib, which was later called Medina, he found three tribes of Jews in it, namely: Banu Qurayza, Banu Nadir, and Banu Qaynuqa, in addition to the Khaybar Oasis, and it has many Jews. These Jews were not convinced of the prophethood of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and betrayed him and broke their covenant with him, and this was mentioned in many Qur’anic verses.

The Children of Israel mentioned in the Holy Qur’an are the descendants of the Prophet of God Israel (Jacob). As for the Jews who were mentioned in the Qur’an and who betrayed the era of the Messenger (PBUH) in Medina, they are from the descendants of Judah, one of the sons of Israel (Jacob). The Jews currently in the State of Israel are descendants of Judah, and they are not mentioned in the Holy Quran at all. As for Palestine, it was not mentioned literally in the Holy Qur’an by its name, but the reference to Bayt al-Maqdis came in the beginning of Surah al-Israa: “Glory be to the one who was captured by his servant at night from the Grand Mosque to the Al-Aqsa Mosque …” It has been known since ancient history that the Al-Aqsa Mosque exists In the city of Jerusalem in Palestine .. likewise the reference to Palestine came in the expression “The Holy Land” in verse 21 of Surat “Al-Ma`idah”: “O people, enter the Holy Land that God has decreed for you, and do not turn away from your lords, so you will turn into losers.” God Moses made the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt and enter the land of the Levant and not return to the land of Egypt for fear of the mighty Pharaoh, and the Levant was an ancient term that included Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan. And the land of Palestine is the Holy Land in which many of the prophets lived, as is known.

In sum, the children of Israel were a people of the past from ancient times, while the Jews today are a people present who live among us, and as for the word Israel that was mentioned in the Holy Quran, it is not the current state of Israel that the Jews established after they seized the lands of Palestine, the Holy Land that came Mentioned in the Holy Quran.

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