It improves flow breadth and increases arterial volume


Researchers from the University of Leeds have discovered the powerful preservation effects of consuming a specific type of juice Heart health Which can improve blood vessel elasticity.
The study indicated that most people who suffer from a heart attack from Heart diseaseHeart health is good when orange juice is consumed.

The National Health Service explained that the cause of this condition is that the arteries are “full of fatty deposits.”

Also this process is called atherosclerosis, which can drastically reduce blood flow to the arteries Myocardium.

Previous clinical trials have identified how 1 percent aneurysms are associated with an up to 13% reduction in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Researchers from the University of Leeds enrolled healthy adults aged 20 to 45 years.

The volunteers drank a cup of blood orange juice with breakfast and dinner for two weeksAfter a week, they were no longer drinking a cup of orange juice with blood, another experiment began.

This time, the participants repeated the study but consumed a placebo drink instead.

The two drinks contained, Orange juice Take the placebo, blood on similar calories and overall sugar levels, and the diets remained the same.

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Professor Karen Birch commented on the results, saying: “The results showed that consuming orange juice with blood with meals improves flow breadth by 2%. The size of the arteries increased significantly after consuming orange juice compared to a placebo drink.


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