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This was my back and my back, and he is the one who spends the house in my illness. Suddenly, I am gone. ”With those words, Ahmed Fathi Abdel Shafi began recounting crime story His son Bassam, a tuk-tuk driver, was killed by a well-known sheikh in the Othman Bridge area in the Qalyubia governorate..

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The details of that heinous crime, in which a young man was victim, was narrated by the family of the victim to “Sada Al-Balad”, The victim’s father says: “This son was my back and my crutches whom I was supporting in this world after what the disease attacked me, and I became from time to time in the doctors rooms, either by examining or making various cross-sectional rumors, from the earliest age, and he helped me spend on the needs of the house and his brothers by his work in Many professions including carpentry and in the artisan area in peace. “

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The victim’s father added: “My older son is married and is spending his family away from me and owns a tuk-tuk. Enough for family needs.”

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He explained: “My son works day after day on that tuk-tuk, and as usual the owners of taktiks install large headphones inside and play folk songs in such popular areas, without having any problems with anyone before, because he has a good reputation among people in the car park and the ring road.” Who takes citizens from him inside the region to earn his livelihood.”

The day of the incident

The victim’s father narrates the details of the crime due to playing festival songs inside the tuk-tuk, saying: “At 1 and a half in the middle of the night, some of the people came to us at the house, and told us that Bassam had stabbed him in the chest. What happened, and we arrived at the scene of the crime to find my son, and people told Lina that his friends took him to the hospital to try to save him.”

The victim’s father added: “The world is turning around and I do not know anything, until some people told me that my son was transporting some citizens inside his tuk-tuk. Sheikh Ahmed Mustafa Omar stopped him in front of a barber shop and asked my two sons to close festivals songs، To tell him that he is not stopping at the place and that he is walking in the street and that this is normal, and the sheikh threatened him that if he did not extinguish the songs, he would reduce him in front of people.”

The victim’s father is silent for a while and explains: “My two sons refused to obey the words of that sheikh, at that moment he attacked my two sons inside the tuk-tuk and cut the wires of the song player and the two parties clashed and people turned them away from each other, at that moment the people took my two sons in the dam lane and the sheikh disappeared from All eyes, and he entered the barber shop and brought a pair of scissors from him, got out of it and headed towards my two sons inside the neighborhood and stabbed him in the chest and fell on the ground and his blood was bleeding a lot, and his friends took him to the hospital to save him..

He added: “After we got to the hospital, we found the doctors trying to treat my son for up to half an hour, until they came out on us and told us that he was dead and told us that he was dead and told us to take your son and walk and reach the police station, at that moment the screaming reverberated around the hospital from our people and everything became black before my eyes. The killer’s father was with us in the hospital and upon learning of Bassam’s death, he fled from the place, fearing that he would be lethal from our side, and we took the body of my son to the house, and the police who came to the scene of the crime were contacted to conduct the necessary investigations and arrest the accused, but he was not in the house and they only found his sister and mother. They were arrested, and when the accused’s father knew about this, he handed over his son to the police station. “.

He confirmed: “After the report was written, the ambulance came and my son’s body was transferred again to Al-Khanka Hospital and he was placed in the refrigerator for two days, and his body was autopsied in Benha Hospital until it was received and buried after that..”

He continued: “My son has been a victim of a festival song and because of a very fanatical sheikh, who has always had problems with the region, whether on young men or girls, and he always comments on their clothes, whether tight or other things in the eyes of everyone, which are normal, except that he objected to That is always, and this is what my son is all concerned with is that he helps us with the expenses of the house. He has no problems with anyone, nor is he old enough to complain about..”

He said: “After their son’s commission of the crime, the defendant’s family began promoting in the area, and through videos, that we were evacuated as a thug, and we were a family of thugs, and this is the final opposite of reality, and we are people.” As we are and are living on our way, as well as promoting them that my eldest son is registered and has many cases because of his bullying in the region, and I challenge anyone who can see a picture of a case on someone in my family inside any police station and all this talk is completely false, and they are trying to confuse no A case to turn it into a quarrel instead of murder, and that we trust our judiciary to achieve justice.”

The father of the victim concluded his speech by demanding retribution from the accused who claims to be the grandson of Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad and is promoting this on social media and YouTube pages, and he does witchcraft and sorcery in many situations that our religion Islam is not satisfied with at all.

The conversations picked up the victim’s mother, saying: “He himself was engaged to a girl who saw her before that and he said I want to get engaged to her, but circumstances prevented us from doing that because there is no money we can answer him for a network, and whoever came to him who went and said to him when things improve, we will propose to you, and all his dream was that it was Kees lives and spends on his family from the sweat of his forehead.”

She added: “My son does not make problems with anyone, and his concern is nothing other than his job and the provision of household expenses, and his reputation was good, and Sheikh Ahmed Omar came against him and killed him and deprived me of him, and deprived the family of those who spend on us, and we are people as we are, and they live in an apartment on the roofs.” Its roof is made of leaves and wood, but when the rain comes, we will remain drowned in the water, and we will not know where or for whom we will go..

She emphasized: “The sheikh deprived me of my son and broke our back all together and broke the family. His father was sick and unemployed for a long time, and he is the one who supports the family from expenses and helps us, and we are people in our condition and we never make problems with anyone.”.”

She concluded: “I want the right of my son, and retribution from the killer is to execute him and the soul for the soul. We will be humiliated by others and my son is still visible in the world and because of fanaticism, something killed him without mercy from him or to advise him, but it is an heinous crime against my son.”.”

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