Italian scientists discover saltwater lakes on Mars


Italian scientists have discovered a group of salt lakes under the glaciers of the south pole of Mars, according to the media, according to the magazine Nature Astronomy , The discovery was made based on data from the orbiter Mars Express Obtained from 2010 to 2019, researchers estimate that the group consists of four water bodies, the largest of which is located in the middle and is 30 kilometers wide, and the lakes are located at a depth of one and a half kilometers.

The specialists said in a statement: “We assume that it is filled with a dense salt solution of perchlorate, which supposedly appears periodically in the polar regions of the planet.”“.

Scientists note that the presence of liquid water increases the possibility of microbial life on Mars or below its surface, but more research is needed to confirm the hypothesis..

This step comes after NASA successfully launched the probe carrying the Rover Mars 2020 Perservance from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida last July, and the space flight to Mars will take seven months, and the Rover is expected to arrive there next February 18, where it will land on the Red Planet. , In order to start his program, which will continue until 2023 at least, according to Russia Today.

NASA will spend millions of dollars during this period to maintain the rover, and to process the information received from it. The Rover will search for traces of microscopic organisms at the bottom of an ancient lake, and collect samples of mountain rocks. It is expected that these samples will be transported to Earth after 11 years, where NASA and the European Space Agency will send another probe.


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