Jada, the daughter of Al-Ash’ath, which they defended


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Numerous accusations were directed against Jada, the daughter of Al-Ash’ath, of poisoning our master, Al-Hassan, her husband at that time..It was said that the reason was what Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan presented to her in terms of money and then a marriage to his son Yazid .. In the previous article I brought accusations … and today I come with those who denied this accusation from her ..

Ibn Saad reported with his chain of narration that al-Hasan, may God be pleased with him, entered a kunif for him, then left and said: … “By God, a group of my liver was spotted before, I turned it over with a stick that was with me, and I watered the poison repeatedly and did not drink like this.”

The most prominent of those who denied this accusation was Ibn Taymiyyah, who was a jurist, interpreter and scholar of the Sunnis, who lived in the Mamluk era .. There is a disagreement about some of his jurisprudential views, as some see him as extremist .. However, today we remember his opinion on this matter, that is, regarding the killing of Jada Al-Hassan .. His speech was a strong scientific refutation and criticism of historical narratives, as he said:

“And if it was said that Mu’awiyah’s command of her father, this was pure speculation, and the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – said: (Beware of conjecture, for the conjecture is false hadith) … Then that Al-Ash’ath bin Qais died in the year forty, and it was said in the year forty-one. The reconciliation that existed between Muawiyah and Hassan bin Ali in the year that was called the year of the congregation, which is forty-one, and the shaggy was the father of al-Hasan bin Ali. If he was a witness, he would have mentioned that, and if he died ten years before Hassan, then how is he who His daughter ordered.

Ibn Khaldun, a sociologist, judge, philosopher and famous Tunisian historian who has authored many books in this regard, said: “What has been reported that Muawiya had poisoned him with his wife Jada bint Al-Ash’ath, it is from the Shiite hadiths, and he is far from that.”

This is what was said by those who came after him and dated what happened .. What about our master Hassan himself? What did he say when he got sick when he was asked?

According to Ibn al-Atheer in “Lion of the Forest” (2/13): “When his illness worsened, he said to his brother Al-Hussein, may God be pleased with them:

-Oh brother, I have given poison three times, I have never given water like this. I am not putting my liver down.

Al-Hussein said:

-Who bated you, brother?

He said:

-What is your question about this? Do you want to fight them? Eat them to God Almighty ».

Of course, this response has two possibilities: Either he does not know and does not want to know who poisoned him, or he knows, but he wanted to avoid the bloodshed..and God knows, of course.

But the result is the same, which is that our master, Hassan, died at the age of forty-eight.

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