Jamal Youssef after suffering from cancer: I am not afraid of death. I pray to God to take my hand


Artist Gamal Youssef revealed to “The Seventh Day” the latest developments in his health after suffering from “nasopharyngeal cancer” and the details of his beginning with the disease after his discovery last May, directing at the beginning to thank all the people who called for him, saying: “Our Lord makes him in the balance of their goodness, O Lord.” And that is through a special audio recording.

Jamal Youssef indicated that he discovered the disease in April, and said: “I started to feel pain in the lymph gland, and the doctor told me to make a sample in the month of 4, and the results of the sample came out in the month of 5 and I discovered that I had a tumor in the lymph nodes of the nasopharynx.”

Youssef added: “I went to the Syndicate, and our Lord will reward him well and bless him. Dr. Ashraf Zaki, this is not built by an angel. He stood beside me and gave me an oncologist. He told me that we must take chemical sessions and do 35 radiation sessions, and after I took them, they affected swallowing and vocal cords so that this sound was not clear.” “.

And he continued his speech in which he thanked all the artists who stood beside him and said: “I am thankful to all the people who called upon me, our Lord will reward them well, and I thank my teacher, the great artist Muhammad Sobhi. He is not my teacher, but he is my father. I also thank the artist Nashwa Mustafa, the artist Wafaa Amer and the artist Hanan Suleiman because they stood Side by side and cut back their good, let me know the meaning of fellowship. “

Artist Jamal Youssef

And he continued: “I thank my brother or my friend, the artist Ihab Fahmy, the artist Nihal Anbar, and the artist Afaf Rashad, and I thank all the people who invited me, and I ask the followers, the audience and friends to call on me. Our Lord takes my hand. If there is no share, I will be present and rest for our Lord, our Lord is great, I am not afraid of death. I want God, because death is feared by the people who will stand Adam before our Lord. We think I am afraid that I will be standing before our Lord and I have made mistakes. I ask our Lord for forgiveness every time, and praise be to God for every case. “

Jamal Youssef (2)
Jamal Youssef


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