Jamal Youssef, due to his illness, completely abstains from eating and drinks only milk and water


Artist Gamal Youssef confirmed that he is still in the hospitalization stage until now, and this is due to the effect of the radiotherapy sessions, as they are the ones that were conducted after the infection of nasopharyngeal carcinoma was proven and this was several months ago, and it is considered one of the things that saddened many.

Jamal Youssef, due to his illness and radiation sessions, completely abstains from eating and drinking milk and water only

Youssef confirmed during several press statements that he is still unable to eat food and this is due to the chemotherapy sessions, as he suffices with drinking liquids, the most important of which are water and milk, according to him.

He added that he had a great ability to speak well, and this was after these sessions were negatively reflected on the method of Haditha, and he confirmed that he is currently waiting for an atomic scan, which will be performed at the end of this month.

This is to know the effect of radiotherapy sessions on the tumor, and pray to God Almighty that the tumor has gone, so that it can return to its normal life again, which is one of the things that he most wishes for at the present time.

In a related context, Father Boutros Daniel, director of the Egyptian Catholic Center for Cinema, visited him at his home with the artist, meeting Al-Khamisi, and this was after he announced that he had contracted pharyngeal cancer, and asked many to pray for him to pass through this ordeal in peace.


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