Jamal Youssef was diagnosed with cancer in the throat | news


Actor Gamal Youssef suffers from severe illness, which necessitated his detention in a Cairo hospital.

“Al-Watan” newspaper revealed that Gamal Youssef suffers from pharyngeal cancer, and is lying in a Cairo hospital, in a late condition.

The director, Tamer Hamza, announced through his Facebook account that Jamal Youssef suffers from some disease, writing: “The one in the picture is a fellow representative named Jamal Youssef, and as you don’t see, his laugh is beautiful, good and pure, ten 25 years old. You see nothing but all good and good. Jamal is able to get sick from him, and there is no need that is far from our Lord.

Gamal Youssef is an Egyptian TV and film actor, who has participated in many works, including “Al-Tawam”, “Umm Kulthum”, “Al-Bahar Mandi”, “Fares Without a Horse”, “Al-Layl and Akhira”, “Abbas Al-Abyad in the Black Day” and “Mabrouk” You are worried, “Raya and Sakina”, “Gardens of the Devil,” and the series “Al-Qassirat”.

He also participated in some films, including “Saidi Rayeh Jay”, “Days of Sadat”, “Hindi Film” and “The Forest.”

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