Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi dies at the age of 40 and is suspected of suicide


Yuko Takeuchi has starred in several films and series, including one "Miss Sherlock"

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Yuko Takeuchi has starred in many films and series, including “Miss Sherlock”.

Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi, who won many awards, died at the age of forty, and her body was found in her home in Tokyo.

According to Japanese media, the police have started an investigation into the death of Takeuchi, and they suspect that the actress, a mother of two children, had committed suicide.

It is reported that her husband, actor Taiki Nakabayashi, was found in their house in “Shibuya Ward”. Then she was taken to the hospital where she was confirmed dead.

Takeuchi was a popular actress in Japan, having appeared in several films and TV series during her career.

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