Karim Maaloul and Faris Ayman Ashraf raise the slogan “Whoever is like his father, what is wrong?”


A number of Al-Ahly club stars are keen to accompany their children to the touch stadium at the headquarters of the Red Castle on the island to attend training, and the pictures taken of the children of the stars showed the extent of the similarity between them and their fathers in flirting with the round witch, as if they were walking in their footsteps in the stadium, and the last of them was Faris Ayman Ashraf’s son Defender of the Red Castle, as well as Karim Ali Maaloul, son of the left back for Al-Ahly and the Tunisian national team.

Faris and Karim
Faris and Karim

The children of the stars, while they were at Al-Ahly Maran, enjoyed the banter of the players and their participation in playing at the Mukhtar Tach Stadium, especially since some players were accustomed to accompanying their children to training, led by Hussein Al-Shahat and Ajay.

The Al-Ahly football team continues its training at its home with Paltech in preparation for the arsenal match scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup, which will witness the absence of the duo Amr Al-Soliya and Ayman Ashraf to be suspended and Rami Rabiaa injured and on Maaloul due to his travel to his country to get a rest for 48 hours and then join his country.

On the other hand, Rene Fyler refused to talk about his future with the Red Castle, explaining that he did not want to talk about this point in the media, preferring to talk about a team match against Tanta, and in response to a question about receiving offers from foreign clubs in Europe or elsewhere, he said Filer: Was I in my brain to know I had offers? And he continued, “Of course I receive offers, but I do not think about this matter because my focus is with Al-Ahly only to want to achieve victories with him, and this is what occupies my focus now.”.

The Swiss coach expressed his satisfaction with the victory over Tanta, explaining that the victory was a moral and important aspect in the team’s recent victories journey in the league championship after it was decided. Ahly The title was officially recently, and he continued: “I watched the Wydad and Al-Raja match and keep my technical opinion to discuss it with my assistant, which is part of my work to prepare for that match, and prepare for the next match. I will not talk about our preparation for Wydad now or the percentage of the team’s readiness for that important confrontation.”“.

Fyler confirmed that he does not concern himself with the Moroccan Wydad match because he focuses on each match separately and is currently only occupied by the Arsenal match next Wednesday in the Egyptian Cup, and the coach refused to talk about the best player in Al-Ahly this season, explaining that there are players who made good performances, but the team is in the end He is the star, and a specific player cannot be chosen as the best player, explaining that Ahmed Fathi missed the meeting with Tanta because of the desire of the technical staff to rest him, while Walid Suleiman was absent due to a minor injury he suffered, wishing that Rami Rabia’s injury in front of Tanta was simple.


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