Kawthar Al-Assal- I married two stars … and Abdul-Ghafoor Al-Burai caused her fame


02:36 PM

Wednesday 30 September 2020

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

These days are the anniversary of the death of the seventh artist, Kawthar El-Assal, as she passed away in September 2013 after a long struggle with illness.

In this report, we review some information about Kawthar Al-Assal:

Kawthar El-Assal was born on November 26, 1939.

– She is the cousin of the great artist Mohamed Wafiq

Al-Assal began her artistic activity in the early 1960s, and made her first roles through the events of the movie “A Woman in a Spiral”, in 1962.

– In 1967, she married the great artist Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, and their marriage lasted 20 years, until his departure in 1987.

In 1989, she married the artist Mohamed Wafiq, who had a great love story.

– Her role in the series “I will not live in the djellaba of my father” is the most prominent in her artistic history, as she embodied the role of “Doria”, the wife of the minister, who encourages her son to marry the daughter of “Abdul Ghafoor Al-Burai”, greed for her father’s wealth.

– I participated in a number of important cinematic works, most notably: “A nose and three eyes, we do not plant thorns, thick lips, mind and money, and good morning my dear wife”, and other important works.

– In 2001, she participated in the series “Princessa”, her last artistic work, as she announced her retirement after the series was shown.

– In an interview with Muhammad Wafiq with the “Nujoom Knot” program, he narrated the story of their love, saying: “We were owners of a lot and we were living next to each other, then the days separated us, until we met again, adding that the most complicating thing about him is eating, as he eats unhealthy foods.” “.

– Wafiq added that his contract from her is the fear that he will anger her, explaining: “Because when she is upset, she gets sick.”


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