Khamis Doe: The UAE “prevents” a writer from leaving the country “due to opposition to normalization.”


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Emirati writer and poet Dhabia Khamis said that her country’s authorities prevented her from traveling abroad, apparently because of her position on normalizing relations with Israel.

Social media leaders, as well as a number of Arab media outlets, circulated a Facebook post attributed to the author, in which she says that the UAE authorities prevented her from traveling from Dubai International Airport to Cairo on Saturday 26 September.

Khamis, 62, said that officials at Dubai International Airport did not explain why she was banned from traveling.

The post attributed to Khamis said: “I am the Emirati writer, Dhabiya Khamis, and I was banned from traveling today by order issued from Abu Dhabi without giving reasons, and mostly for my declared positions against Zionism and normalization.”

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