Kinda Alloush resorts to ICSI to have a child despite her husband’s opposition!


The Syrian actress has achieved “Kinda Alloush“A great success during the past few days on social media because of her new series“ Ella Ana ”through which he presented a story.light of moon Through which she presented the suffering of many of the women of society, which is the reproductive crisis, so she had no choice but to resort to the microscopic right to conceive a child, but her husband prevented this from being done.

وتجسد Kinda Alloush In anecdote light of moon From “Series except meThe role of a skilled cook who knows all kinds of cooking, and she is called “Chef Alia,” who suffers from childlessness, so she resorts to artificial insemination and faces a number of problems with her husband, through different stories presented during the dramatic context of events.

And the artist won Kinda Alloush Public testimonials from her followers on Social Media After the presentation of the first episode, where the followers expressed their happiness to watch it on the screen again after a period of interruption as a result of pregnancy and childbearing, flirting with the way it is represented, and from the comments: “We were waiting for you Kinda, a strong and wonderful beginning. The man and his wife Kinda Alloush, a success project for any dramatic and cinematic work. A thousand congratulations, Qamar, the first episode is sweet … you made me cried … forbidden, kinda …. “.

It offered a group of channels DMC The fifth tale of Series except me It is titled “ light of moon“Last Saturday, and repeat this tale Kinda Alloush The artistic scene again after a pause. Scenario and dialogue by Abeer Suleiman, directed by Ahmed Hassan, who presented the story “Amal Hayati” starring Hanan Mutawa, which achieved great success with the audience.

Series except me “The story of the writer Yusra Al-Fakharani, and it consists of 6 independent stories inspired by real stories and events. The series includes 6 heroines, and each story has 10 episodes, and each story has an author, director and heroine. For herself and her children.


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