Kinda Alloush’s comment after the first episode of “Day of the Moon” was shown news


The actress Kinda Alloush was shown the first episode of the story “Day of the Moon” within the episodes of the series “Ala Ana”.

Alloush commented on her Twitter account, expressing her happiness with the presentation of this episode and wrote: “Very happy with the reactions to the first episode of Dai Al-Qamar, and I hope you will follow the second episode and hear your opinions. .


The story of “Day of the Moon” directed by Maryam Ahmady and co-starring Muhammad Shaheen and a number of other young artists, and it was scheduled to be filmed before the month of Ramadan, but the circumstances of the spread of the Corona virus forced its makers to postpone filming, especially since the dmc channel contracting to the series only presented the first two stories before the month of Ramadan They are “Banat Moussa” starring Wafaa Amer and “Seneen Waadat” starring Arwa Judeh.

The series “Ala Ana”, the story of Yousri Al-Fakharani, takes place within the framework of 60 episodes, and it is a group of independent stories, each of which takes place in the framework of 10 episodes, and those stories narrate real facts and events. Most of them are exposed to topics of interest to society in general and women in particular, and they deal with Important topics such as “Marital silence, ambition and struggle of women, violence against women and society’s view of divorced women” are shown on the DMC screen.

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