Klopp evaluates the performance of Egyptian Salah in the match between Liverpool and Arsenal


Klopp evaluates the performance of Egyptian Salah in the match between Liverpool and Arsenal


Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp praised the star of his team, Egyptian Mohamed Salah, after his performance in the “Reds” and Arsenal match on Monday, at the end of the third phase of the English Premier League.

“Mohamed Salah played a very exceptional match tonight,” Klopp said in a press conference after the match that ended with Liverpool’s victory by three goals to one. “I wish he could score.”

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He added, “The (second) goal we scored was a cross from the right-back and the left-back put the ball into the net, which is very amazing, I like that.”

He continued: “Jota entered (Liverpool’s new deal), played football normally, and tried to defend the same way that we defend, he has 20 percent of the information about what we are doing exactly, and he had today (yesterday) 60 or 70 minutes to watch the performance of (star) Liverpool) Sadio Mane then entered the field and performed incredibly well. ”

The German coach added: “(Jota, who participated in the Arsenal match as a substitute) scored a great goal, and it is a great match at Anfield. He will never forget that and I will never forget it .. Good start.”

For his part, Arsenal’s coach, Spaniard Mikel Arteta, praised the great capabilities of the Liverpool team, saying: “Liverpool players have a high quality of play, and they understand each other for five years. They go to any stadium and they just want to win. ”

The “Gangers” coach added, “When any team puts high pressure on Liverpool perfectly, they have a Van Dyke, who sends a 60-yard pass to Mohamed Salah’s chest, and they go, this is a high quality of Reds.”

He continued, “Unfortunately, the opportunities that we had in front of Liverpool’s goal, we failed to translate them into goals, and therefore they punished us for wasting those opportunities.”

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