Know everything about detox tea, its benefits and side effects, if intending on the diet


Losing weight is a long process that requires stability and perseverance rather than just a process that lasts for a few days, weeks or months. It is a commitment to stay healthy and make certain lifestyle changes forever, to ensure that you live a healthy life, while a balanced diet and regular physical activity are the key to losing Weight. Certain foods and drinks can act as triggers for the process, ensuring attention to other factors.

According to a newspaper report TIME NOW NEWS One of the beverage options is tea Detoxification Detox tea is known for its many health benefits, especially in reducing oxidative damage to the body due to stress and free radicals, and has become a popular part of the diet for many people to stay healthy and fit..

What is detox tea?

Detox tea has antioxidant properties, which can help flush out toxins from the body. This is important to ensure that free radical activity is reduced, which leads to oxidative stress and increases the risk of disease. Detoxification has been a common practice for centuries. Detox is the latest trend in the world of weight loss, detox tea is also very popular on social media, among celebrities, social media influencers, and models..

How detox tea can help you lose weight

Detox tea helps reduce oxidative stress in the body.

Helps reduce free radical activity and reduce disease risk.

It can be served as a midday drink on a weight loss diet.

Helps increase the amount of water you drink.

It can act as a home remedy for menstrual pain and sore throats.

Detox tea options

Green tea, ginger tea, hibiscus tea, turmeric tea, cumin tea This tea is often consumed by people who follow a weight loss diet..

The side effects of detox tea you should know

Detox tea can be considered as a nutritional supplement taken to reduce oxidative stress in the body. However, like almost all nutritional supplements, the ingredients in them have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration or other regulatory agencies in the respective countries specifically, which could lead to certain problems..

Some experts suggest that some detox teas can contain laxatives, making food pass through the body faster, to give a lesser volume effect. Using these types of tea can also cause eating disorders such as anorexia.


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