Laila Alawi on her recent photos: Have you ever tried to receive your soul and body to nature?


Star Laila Elwi topped Google search engines after publishing the latest photo session with photographer Khaled Fadda, in the middle of nature and barefoot, where she appeared with an attractive look wearing an elegant white dress. You have tried and enjoy the free blessings that our Lord has placed with wisdom and account in every need around us … the grace of air, greenness and water. “

Laila Alawi added: “The blessing of satisfaction with whom our Lord has divided you, whatever it of my life’s pleasures and a large part of my psychological comfort is that I walk barefoot! Especially on a sandstone or in greenery..A feeling full of satisfaction and contentment..and get rid of negative energy..Wear light colors. And cheerful like white and walk barefoot .. They touch the earth and nature and enjoy it and thank our Lord.

Laila Elwi comments on her new photos
Laila Elwi comments on her new photos

The star, Laila Elwi, was keen to celebrate World Tourism Day this week, as she published a group of photos of her from one of her tourist visits to archaeological monuments, accompanied by the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Khaled Al-Anani, through her personal account on the Instagram site, to flirt with the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Laila Alawi said on the photos that she published: “Our country, throughout its life, is a great embrace for all the peoples of the world and its people. Different and varied over the ages, charming natural places and a divine atmosphere that is not like in the world. On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Tourism, we invite you all, Egyptians, Arabs and all the peoples of the world, that you visit Egypt and enjoy its magic, sun, Nile, civilization and spirit that distinguishes it from the best places of the world.

The star Laila Alawi

Laila Alawi with an attractive look in the latest photo session

Leila Alawi

1452921-Layla-Alawi-in-session-photography-attractive-in a white-dress
Laila Elwi in an attractive photo session in a white dress

Laila Elwi in the latest filming session

Photo session Laila Elwi

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