Laila Elwi “You do not grow up, you like” … the most beautiful filming sessions for “Qamar Al Helween”


life style

Leila Alawi

Actress Laila Elwi topped the Google search trend because of a photo session she underwent, during which she wore a white jumpsuit with wide pants, and a simple natural block appeared in the middle of rocks, plants and nature, photographed by photographer Khaled Faddah.

Laila Elwi wrote in her comment on the pictures, “Have you tried to receive your soul and body to nature? Try to enjoy the free blessings that our Lord has placed wisely and calculating in every need around us … the blessing of air, greenness and water … the blessing of satisfaction with whom our Lord has divided it to you whatever it of the pleasures of my life. And a large part of my psychological comfort is that I walk barefoot! Especially on a sandstone or in greenery … a feeling of fullness of satisfaction and sufficiency … and get rid of negative energy … wear light and cheerful colors like white and walk barefoot .. touch the earth and nature and enjoy it and thank our Lord.

on the sea

In a short orange dress on the beach, the artist, Laila Elwi, underwent a photography session with photographer Khaled Fadda, and she looked delicate and beautiful.

Photo session “He went out and never came back”

Amidst the beauty of greenery, Laila Elwi appeared in “the galabiya” and the peasant clothes riding a donkey, in several pictures during the filming of the movie “Gold and Never Come Back”, and she was especially charming and the pictures are still widespread.

Fashion comes back to life

Recently, Laila Elwi published an old collection of pictures of her, but it resonated widely and was so buzzing as she documented bringing back the old fashion again.

White dress

With a white dress “Offshoulders”, actress Laila Elwi topped the trend also with photographer Khaled Faddah’s lens, and it spread widely under the slogan “Whatever grows is better.”

Since the actress appeared on social media, Laila Elwi has been in the trend with her pictures and positions, and everyone praises her youth and looks.


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