Lakora investigation – Failure to enforce regulations threatens players’ lives


In the midst of the attendance of the people of the Dagrn Center and Kom Muhanna, the final of the Regional Federation League for Youth Centers affiliated to the Kafr El Zayat Center in the Gharbia Governorate was held, but it was only minutes until the meeting was canceled, after the start of the match turned to the last chapter in the life of Saeed Al-Saidi, the player of the Daqarn Youth Center, who fell to the ground to jog with his colleagues To a nearby medical center, as there was no ambulance at the stadium, but he died after swallowing his tongue.

This was on October 18, 2014, but Saeed Al-Saidi was not the first to die after falling inside the green rectangle in an official football match in Egypt. Attempts to attend the Badrasheen Youth Center match and its counterpart Al-Hawamdia in the fourth-division competitions of the Egyptian League were unsuccessful, in the ambulance of Sherif Mohamed Okasha, the Badrasheen player whose coach and coach tried to put his shoes in his mouth to save him after swallowing his tongue, so he had to come to bring a car and then go a distance A kilometer from the stadium until they reached the Islamic Medical Center, but he was also dead.

The common thing in the two deaths is the lack of an ambulance to rescue the players who fell during the match, a situation that we observed during our investigation of similar cases in various degrees.

This comes at a time stipulated in Article No. 6 of the safety and security rules in the stadium of any official match of a football federation affiliated with the International Federation of Football Association “FIFA”, on several requirements that must be adhered to, regarding the safety and security of the stadium when hosting any official event, including what was mentioned in Item No. 3, which stressed the need to reach an agreement between the local authorities on the insurance plan.

Clause No. 3 of Article 6 indicated that more details would be in Article No. 10 of the same rules. By moving to Article 10, we found that the second clause of it states: “There must be consultations between stadium security, firefighting police, ambulance services, and local and government health authorities to agree on An action plan for all potential emergencies. ”

Providing ambulances in matches for some clubs in the lower leagues and youth centers in Egypt is not an easy matter, which was confirmed by an official source at the Dagrn Youth Club, who refused to be named for fear of being reprimanded or asked by officials of the Ministry of Youth and Sports or the administration in his western governorate, According to him, the death of their player Saeed Al-Saidi caused a crisis at the time.

The official of the Dagrn Youth Center, responding to their lack of commitment to rent an ambulance, in his speech at Laila Koura, by: “Let me tell you that we used to get 1000 pounds (administrative aid) from the Ministry of Youth and Sports per year and it is disbursed in October before the subsidy is increased. Recently, to 3000 pounds annually. ”

It is the support that the Dagern Center official deems not sufficient to meet their needs: “I am required to rent an ambulance for every match that is held on my stadium .. Let me tell you that the value of its rental in the match exceeds 500 pounds, so the subsidy is sufficient for approximately 6 matches. I bring an ambulance in it .. If I do that, I will not be able to complete any tournament that I participate in, not only that, in every match also, I previously paid 7 pounds for a feed allowance for each player for every match in addition to 7 pounds as a transfer allowance, and now the allowance I pay has increased to 15 pounds .. So what do we do and we are required Also running some activities for members? ”

Mustafa Mansour, Head of Youth Centers Administration at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, responded via Yalakora / Masrawy regarding the support provided to youth centers, saying: “We have no problem with supporting the centers. The other is that any referee who enters an official match if he does not find an ambulance is available must not play the match, as this is a violation.

And in contact with the Egyptian Ambulance Authority, we obtained a copy of its new regulations, which it adopted in August, before last 2019, and witnessed an increase in the prices of match insurance services that fall under the item “non-emergency services.”

We found in the ambulance authority regulations that the fees for insurance for sports competitions for first-class clubs are 1,500 pounds for a period of 3 hours, in addition to 500 pounds for each additional hour, for 750 pounds for the same period, but for clubs of lower grades, while the fees for a full sports day, with a maximum of 5 hours, amount to 3000 EGP and 500 EGP is also added for each additional hour.

The official of the Dagrn Youth Center explained that they are working to increase their income in parallel with the “administrative aid” they receive from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, so they resorted to renting out their stadium. Where he brought to their treasury an amount of 27 thousand pounds, starting from renting it last May 2019 until January 2020 when contacting him: “We spend from it on the maintenance of the stadium, and we appointed a supervisor for it. We also paid the amount of 1000 youth ministry share in (the sickle stadium), but we are facing a crisis that has been drawn We considered that the (administrative aid / 3000 pounds) that we get every October every year stops after we rent out the stadium. ”

The lack of interest of the Daqarn Youth Center in providing an ambulance due to its weak financial capabilities, prompted us to go to the Executive Director of the Western Football Region, Magdy Nashed, who attributed the weakness of the support that reaches the clubs because the ministry supports all youth centers nationwide, unlike the Football Association, which only supports its affiliated clubs However, at the same time, he indicated that youth centers have an opportunity to increase their income in cooperation with investors and contract companies between them.

But the availability of an ambulance is one of the basic conditions for any match, so how can matches be held without it and what should be done so that what happened with Saeed Al-Saidi, the player of the Dagrn team in Kafr El-Zayat Center? .. This was our second question to the Executive Director of the Western Football Region, who explained: “The Ministry of Youth Agreements were concluded to bring ambulances to youth centers for only 250 or 150 pounds per match, so their lack of presence is the failure of youth centers themselves, in previous periods if the match observer noticed the absence of an ambulance, the match does not start, but now with the amendments, if the match observer finds out In the absence of an ambulance, the center will be fined from 500: 1000 pounds.

It is the penalty that we found in the third-division league list in Egypt, but for the previous season 2018/2019, it stipulated a fine for the club or the youth center that does not rent an ambulance in the match hosted by an amount of 500 pounds.

The editor of Yallakora tried to make sure that the Ministry of Youth reduced the rental of an ambulance to youth centers. We contacted Magdy Awad, Director of the Ambulance Authority in the West, as a sports agency that wants to hire an ambulance to secure a match.

The director of the ambulance authority in Al Gharbia, we asked to contact them – the ambulance authority – in an official form by the board of directors of our club, in sufficient time and to specify the time during which the match will be played, explaining the ambulance list at its new prices, which he explained that it is 750 pounds for one game, but he explained at the same time that there are some Courses during which an agreement is made between the Ministry of Youth and Ambulance to reduce the value of the ambulance.

By clarifying our identity and the nature of the investigation that we are working on, the Director of the Ambulance Authority in the West explained that the prices of new ambulances have become high due to the nature of the operation service, unlike what it used to be, but whoever finds a problem in clubs and youth centers in providing an ambulance must address the Sports Authority: “We are not responsible In addition, we are committed to providing the service to the fullest extent, as well as collecting what the regulations stipulate to provide the service.

And about how they would deal in the event of a club requesting an ambulance during the meeting: “Let me explain to you before the match. If you ask for an ambulance to secure a match, it falls under the item of non-emergency services and we apply the list, but when you contact us because there is a crisis for someone, he is sick and we reach him normally as we reach any patient at his home. We do not look at his name, his title, or anything but aid him, but we recommend that you follow the procedures for securing matches by requesting an ambulance in advance. ”

The ambulance official in al-Gharbiya concluded his speech by stressing that ambulances cover all parts of the governorate and there is no crisis in number, stressing that all cars owned by the authority are equipped to aid the patient inside and are not normal: “I have been in my position for 9 years and a match has not stopped causing the absence of the ambulance that was asked of us. In advance. ”

The crisis of the absence of ambulance and the death of players is not limited to Gharbia only, Medhat Mahdi, the general coach of the Badrasheen Youth Center team, affiliated to Giza Governorate, still remembers when he and his team’s technical director rushed to the stadium of their match after the fall of their player Sherif Mohamed Okasha during their match against Al-Hawamdia in December 2013.

Mahdi’s wristwatch indicated that 57 minutes had passed from the age of the match before he was surprised by the fall of Okasha without any friction, so he and the technical director took off Okashas shoes and put them in his mouth to try to save him after he swallowed his tongue, but they failed to bring the audience a car to take him to the Islamic Medical Center in Badrashin He was a kilometer away, according to his estimation, from the stadium, but he was dead.

“We do not have the money that must be paid to the ambulances to bring all the matches that we host on our stadium. The support that we have is weak. Let me tell you that we canceled contracts and we pay players 500 pounds per month, including those who support a family and married, which also applies to the technical staff. He used to include a doctor in the incident of Okasha’s death, then a doctor volunteered to work with us before a specialist was contracted to get 500 pounds a month as well. The general coach of the Badrasheen Youth Center team did not stop the incident and started explaining at night the situation in his club.

But this is not the first incident that Medhat witnessed, during his trip to the stadiums; He remembers this during which he cried when his team met his counterpart Bulaq in the fourth division competitions: “I remembered the Okasha incident after I noticed the Bulaq player while he was on the ground, so the player helped us to get his tongue out, then we went with him to the hospital because there was no ambulance to take him before the player came to us in Badrashin to thank us. “.

The absence of ambulance nearly caused a crisis similar to what happened to the Kafr Daqin and Badrasheen Youth Center player, when Ahmed Saad, player of Abu Al-Matamir club, collided in a joint ball with a goalkeeper and grabbed Matrouh team, during the match that brought them together in the third division of the Football League, in October 2014.

“Saad fell to the ground and was noticed by the referee of the match, Fathi Khalifa, who rushed towards him to put the shoe in his mouth to treat him from swallowing the tongue, then we called an ambulance and took him to a nearby hospital, where he underwent treatment and left at night and remained for about a week at his home before returning.” Ashraf Hajar, director of football at Abu El Matamir club, remembers in private statements at night the incident.

I fell to the ground and I did not feel or remember anything except that my tongue was being pulled in and the soul was reduced, and what I was told afterwards that the referee, during his escape from the club officials and the players who went towards him to demand a penalty kick, turned to me so he put the shoe in my mouth and was transported by a police car (Box) that was present To secure the match “.. What about the ambulance?”, Laughing: “There is no first aid nor ambulances in the third, fourth and lowest levels. I stayed in the care room for 48 hours, then I got a rest, and every time I went down to the match afterwards or caught up in any ball I remember the situation.”

In Al-Buhaira governorate, no death occurred, but the matter was soon, so what should happen so that the governorate does not witness the matter due to the neglect of bringing in ambulances by some clubs and centers? .. This was our question to the executive director of the ball area in Al-Buhaira, Ahmed Al-Kharashi, who believes that the support is Up to youth centers may be sufficient only as a salary for the employees: “The Premier League clubs have the capabilities, but the lower grades there is a crisis they are facing, and health and sports officials must agree to reduce the costs of renting an ambulance for matches .. Is not a person’s life more important than money?”

The director of the ball area in Al-Beheira, he finished his speech by suggesting that some centers in his governorate, such as Kom Hamada, Itay Al-Baroud and Badr, there will be one or two cars in the center and they are used in hospitals, pointing out that there are centers that sometimes bring in regular cars to transport players to hospitals: “Their rental rates Less and the ambulances that come are not equipped normally, so there is no difference. ”

This prompted us to contact an official at the Ambulance Authority in Buhaira, who preferred not to be named: “The ambulance in the governorate does not have a problem or shortage, but let me make it clear that the authority will not send an ambulance if the club does not officially ask it to do so, and the clubs sometimes do not ask for a car. Here comes the role of the match observer, if he does not find an ambulance, he must stop the match, and in some cases clubs (details) in the value of renting the car, and this is forbidden. Sending regular ambulances to transport the injured person, and the cars equipped for emergency cases, but here we must also ask where are the medical teams of these clubs so that they rush to treat the injured until he is transported to the nearest hospital?

Ibrahim Khader, Director of the Youth and Sports Directorate in Beheira, responded to this to the editor of Yalakora with a brief response: “Since 2014 and before that, we have been committed to supporting youth centers since the first edition of their tournaments, and ambulances are present and we stress the need for them to be present in the stadiums for official matches.”

The official of youth centers at the Ministry of Youth and Sports responded, according to what the Yakoura editor monitored of renting some centers for regular cars and others, sometimes “transporting the dead” instead of ambulance due to the low price of renting them. A youth centers league has 3000 matches, and we pay 750 pounds to rent an ambulance for each match. This is a large sum, but we bear it even if we ask the ambulance staff to try to help with the matter. ”

Our journey between the parachute patrols – as the lesser-than-excellent leagues are called in Egypt – made us communicate with the vice president of the five-year committee for managing the Football Association, Gamal Mohamed Ali, the supervisor of the third and fourth division leagues, who refused to respond despite being informed via a text message via WhatsApp of the general idea of ​​the topic And the presence of a need for his character to respond.


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