Lamees Al-Hadidi on her program “A Final Word”: “A New and Different Experience”


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Media Lamees Al-Hadidi is preparing to launch her new program on the on channel. “Al-Hadidi” described the upcoming program as “a different and new experience” through her official account on Facebook, and published its propaganda poster.

“Al-Hadidi” is currently continuing its preparations for its program, which belongs to the type of talk show programs, and through it, it returns to the on channel after being absent from it for two years and bears the name “A last word with Lamis Al-Hadidi” on the public on channel.

“A final word with Lamis Al-Hadidi” on the public Aon channel – archive photo

“Al-Hadidi” recently contracted with the public channel on, headed by Albert Shafiq, to ​​return to the program “A Last Word with Lamis Al-Hadidi”, after the absence of two years from the Egyptian screens, and the program will start on the on screen early next October to continue her media career, which extends her experience of more than 25 years of work Journalist and television interviewer, through which she won many Egyptian and regional prizes in various fields, and during her media career, she interviewed the most important Egyptian personalities and many Arab and international leaders.

Lamis El Hadidi promotes her new program

  • The situation in Egypt
  • Injuries
  • Recovered
  • Mortality


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