Learn about the most extreme planet in the universe .. Its heat is able to vaporize iron


Astronomers have called a planet outside the solar system “hot Jupiter” because of its surface temperature hot enough to vaporize iron. WASP-189b One of the most extreme planets in the universe, “using data from the space telescope CHEOPS Affiliated with the European Space Agency, astronomers from the University of Bern studied its orbit, size and temperature.

The planet, which is 322 light years from Earth, was discovered for the first time orbiting its bright host star HD 133112 By project Wide Angle Search for Planets (WASP) In 2018.

It was launched CHEOPS By the European Space Agency THAT Eight months ago to characterize the known exoplanets, and prepare WASP-189b It is the first planet to be examined by a telescope in space.

The gas giant planet is one and a half times the size of Jupiter and has a surface temperature of 5,792 degrees Fahrenheit, and it takes only three days to orbit its star.

As for the named star HD 133112It is the hottest star known to a planet system, according to the Swiss astronomers behind the discovery CHEOPS.

Monica Lindel, lead author of the study from the University of Geneva, said: WASP-189b It was especially interesting because it is a gas giant close to orbit, as it orbits its star 20 times closer to the Earth and orbits around the sun and is “very strange”, as its daytime side is always exposed to the light of its host star “very bright”, and its climate is very different from The gas giants Jupiter and Saturn in our solar system, which have different sides facing the sun as it rotates. “

Based on observations using CHEOPS , Estimated temperature WASP-189b To be 3200 degrees Celsius [5792 فهرنهايت]In comparison, the average temperature of Jupiter is -234 degrees Fahrenheit.

Planets are called like WASP-189b The name “planets of Jupiter are very hot”, as iron melts at this high temperature, and even becomes gaseous, so this body is one of the most extreme planets we know so far.


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