Learn about the most popular iPhone accessories in the world … not the charger or the headphones


The iPhone is the largest successful product for Apple as it is sold all over the world, but the iPhone phones not only make profits for Apple, but also give many other companies working in the field of accessories huge gains, as a report issued by 9to5Mac indicates that the accessories market Apple Global is set to be worth $ 27.1 billion over the next six years.

The report cites a research conducted by Zion Research, which revealed that the screen protector or “screen protector” is the most popular iPhone accessory in the world, and the report states that “Apple has become a very famous brand and the iPhone is the best-selling product for the Apple brand due to the increased use of screen protectors as well.” Largely since it’s the most important extension. “

Zion Research also mentioned that affordable iPhones were also a critical factor in driving the growth of the Apple accessory market, and the report states: “The introduction of various new iPhone models at a budget-friendly price has led to an increase in the use of screen protectors that are a factor driving the Apple accessory market.”

The research company also said that although manufacturers such as Apple use tempered glass on screens, they remain perishable, and this has increased demand for screen protectors to protect the screen of these expensive devices such as the iPhone and iPad, and this factor is driving increased demand for Screen protector in the Apple accessories market It is expected that the iPhone and iPad screen protector is the most productive segment in the Apple accessories market.

And it is not surprising that screen protectors are the most popular accessory as almost everyone wants to protect their screens.Add to this, iPhone screen replacement remains really expensive, so the popularity of screen protectors as an accessory is not surprising.


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