Learn the causes of overheating of the phone due to abnormal limits and ways to overcome it


Some exposed smart phones For problems that cause their temperature to rise dramatically, and some of these reasons may be dangerous at times, and on this topic, the technical expert and director of the Russian “Digital Platforms” Foundation, Arseniy Shiltsen, said, “There are several reasons that cause phones to heat up, and in order to find a solution to this problem, the causes must be known and treated,” Some of them may be dangerous“.

He added, “One of the common factors that affect phone overheating is the high temperature of the processor, as a result of excessive pressure while using the Internet or communicating with networks.” Wi-Fi And GPS AndBluetoothNot all devices have the ability to work intensively with these networks, especially those equipped with somewhat weak processors or technologies, so the phone must be given a rest during the prolonged use of these technologies, or even shut down the phone for some time from time to time.“.

Some experts indicate that a significant increase in the temperature of the phone may be related to a defect in the battery, as the temperature of some phone batteries sometimes rises when using the condensed device, especially when connecting to the Internet, making phone calls or connecting the phone to the charger, so users in these cases must make sure From the safety of their device batteries, according to Russia Today.

One of the reasons that may expose the phone battery to damage according to experts is to keep the device connected to the charger for long hours, which causes the battery to fill and empty continuously, and damage the cells in the battery, and keeping the phone charger connected continuously to the electrical outlet exposes the charger to damage and causes its burning sometimes.


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