Learn the latest details of the possible “National Research” vaccine for Corona


Dr. Hussam Abdel Ghaffar, Secretary of the Supreme Council of University Hospitals, revealed the latest details of the possible Corona virus vaccine for the National Research Center, explaining that there is cooperation between the National Research Center, which owns A possible vaccine for Coronavirus And university hospitals, but until now human trials have not started, pending approval for approval, and upon starting human trials, the health status of volunteers on the vaccine will be monitored in university hospitals..

He explained in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day” that there is coordination with the Ministry of Health during the coming period to obtain approvals for the participation of university hospitals in the various vaccine trials that are taking place in Egypt..

The National Research Center has 4 potential Egyptian vaccines for Corona, including two vaccines in the pre-clinical trial phase and registered with the World Health Organization within the Global Vaccine Alliance. Humans to ensure the effectiveness of these vaccines.


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