Learn the most important causes of premature aging, including mental health


Samir Samir

Posted on: Tuesday 8 September 2020 – 4:37 PM | Last update: Tuesday 8 September 2020 – 4:37 PM

Aging is the natural process of aging, but there are many factors that play a role in determining whether aging is safe or if advancing is proceeding faster than biological age. Many people appear to be older than they are, and this is because they exercise Behaviors that increase their aging.

Alpha Fitness has published a set of behaviors that must be avoided to fight aging and maintain a healthy body and mind.

* Premature aging and mental health

The mind plays an important role in whether a person is aging faster or slower, as the happier people are simply the younger people, so the more hope, optimism and joy are at the top of the priority list, the younger the face appears, as studies have confirmed that people The happiest live longer with fewer health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure and even joint and bone pain.

Studies have confirmed that permanent anger and tightness on the face can form fine lines and deep wrinkles, which means that when the face expresses chronic sad or angry feelings, the continuous frown can turn into wrinkles consisting of muscle memory.

* Aging and smoking

We all know that excessive smoking is not good for health, as it leads to all kinds of health problems and depletes the nutrients in the body, so smokers develop fine lines around the mouth, and deeper wrinkles in the forehead, and their likelihood of bad teeth increases by twice, and they often work on Depriving facial skin of the amount of oxygen it needs, as the skin needs a certain amount of moisture, collagen, elastin and oxygen in order to look young and healthy.

* Age, sun, cold and humidity

The aging process can easily be accelerated by enjoying the sun’s rays, because sun damage is the number one cause of wrinkles and permanently damaged skin, as age spots and other forms of discolouration can be seriously exacerbated by the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Experts pointed out that a face that has spent years working in the sun may look severely wrinkled and have a rough texture, because once you skip the twenty minutes in the sun, the benefits of absorbing the necessary vitamin D are counteracted through UV damage to the skin.

Spending time in cold environments can have a similar effect, as instead of creating more firm skin, the skin appears very thin and wrinkles develop, and the same effect can be seen in people who have used harsh acne treatments for years.

* Aging and diet

One of the most misunderstood factors of aging is the effect of food on the body, as there are foods that can help maintain a younger body and other foods that help to age faster, so you should choose a diet rich in fats, sugars and processed foods, and it is also considered a little Fresh fruits and vegetables create an indoor environment that is not youth-friendly.

* Aging and weight

Being too thin or too heavy can increase the aging process, as being underweight reduces the natural fats in the facial structure, allowing the skin to sag and increase the appearance of wrinkles, while people who are overweight appear older by creating weak muscle strength.

* Aging and daily choices

Regular exercise can help prevent premature aging and maintain a full body shape, as opting for evening TV rather than physical exertion can lead to premature aging.


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