Learn the story of the first robotic rover to land on Mars


While we follow the landing of rovers on the surface of Mars recently, we must identify the first robotic vehicle that achieved this achievement and in any year, this is what we monitor, according to the American “Space” website, which revealed the launch of the first mobile robotic vehicle on the Red Planet in 1996, as NASA’s Mars Pathfinder mission sent the latest data to Earth at the end of September of the following year, after it reached the Red Planet on July 4, 1997.

The Mars Pathfinder mission consisted of a base spacecraft, and the Pathfinder spent three months on a mission that was supposed to last only a month when the base station’s battery began to fail, and NASA struggled to reconnect with the Pathfinder for another five months before surrendering.

And this year another Curiosity-sized spacecraft could be launched on its way to Mars, and the Pathfinder design was an inspiration for what followed, with the aim of demonstrating new technological methods for landing on the surface of planets.

Pathfinder also used a new method to enter directly through the Martian atmosphere with the help of a parachute to slow its descent, as well as a huge system of several airbags to absorb the force of collision with the surface, but in addition to achieving this, it was able to collect a lot of data about the red planet.


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