Legacy Corona stopped .. Will Fyler bear the responsibility for Al-Ahly level?


At the end of August 2019, and in the midst of a public split, Al-Ahly club announced a contract with Swiss Rene Fyler to lead the Red Team after it was chosen by the planning committee led by its former president, Taha Ismail.

Al-Ahly made a short list of five names out of 30 CVs to choose Fyler at a time when the red fans were aspiring to sign a world coach.

Taha Ismail defended the selection at the press conference to introduce the coach, stressing that Fyler is 45 years old and has ambitious, strong personality and good potential, has achieved great successes in Belgium and Switzerland and has a desire to achieve achievements and dynamism at work.

Fyler came with a list he did not choose and without a preparation period to announce himself officially in the Super match and win over Zamalek 3-2 and then lead Al-Ahly to sweep the competition and achieve 14 victories in a row, representing the second best start for Al-Ahly coach in the history of the league in addition to his leadership of the team to the semi-final round of the League Championship African champions after revenge on Sundowns in the Round of 8.

The local Super Fyler lost with a penalty shootout and then tied with Smouha to stop his record and the competition was stopped entirely due to the Corona pandemic, and amid rumors chasing the coach by leaving and running away, Fyler returned, but the return was not at the same starting level .. so why?

1- Stop at the top of the curve

Al-Ahly remarkably outperformed all its competitors in the local championship, the team’s performance was the best, and Fyler prepared a large group of players thanks to the rotation. At the summit, technically, he was forced to descend due to circumstances outside of management, and with the start of the activity, the physical and technical curve fell, the differences he made dissolved or decreased, and the first flap was lost in vain.

2- Loss of the spine

In the beginning, Fyler relied mainly on a basic structure, and Ajay hired in the striker’s position, Ramadan in the left wing, Hussein al-Shahat in the right wing, and a spot between them and behind them Al-Sulayyah and Hamdi Fathi and in defense Mahmoud Mitwalli was essential in the major confrontations and Fathi was a choice and a competitor to Muhammad Hani, to find the Swiss coach after returning He lost his two main wings, Ramadan and Shahat, due to different circumstances. Fathi happened to another team and could not be relied upon all the time. He was electrocuted, he was in a bad condition psychologically, which affected him both physically and technically. Hamdi Fathi is returning from a long period of injury and needs more time to return, then injury Metwally the Crusader.

Influential and painful absences that hit any team so that Fyler sometimes tries to change the way of playing to 4-4-2 and at other times relying on Geraldo (who did not choose or bring him from the ground). He employed a jump and then opened in the center of the wing, tried to solve the problem of numerical shortage on the wing and admitted that he Affected by absences on the sides, on the right wing the difference between Geraldo and the Sheikh is not the vast difference that the coach can be blamed for if it is taken into account that the coach basically did not choose the duo, and on the right Ajay failed his coach and suspended electricity and Ramadan left, meaning that he lost the No. 1 player in this The center and player No. (2) substitute until player No. (3).

Nevertheless, Fyler decided the league and only the negative result he achieved was against Zamalek in the league, in which Al-Ahly reached a lot for the goal of his traditional opponent, and it was not as bad as that makes the Swiss coach guilty.

3- Filer after Corona

The question or accusation directed at Failer, “Fyler changed and began to compose after the Corona interruption period?” It lost its logic in light of the absence of the team and the natural relegation due to a long hiatus of 5 months in addition to the clinically resolved team for the league championship and lost a record draw with Smouha before Directly stopping and thus the motives disappear, which turns the question of authorship into a more correct question, which is: Is Filer alone, whose team suffered from poor performance and results after Corona stopped?

With the exception of Bayern Munich, the exceptional, the other three major leagues suffered in them, the league leader, after the return of Corona, and the performance fell dramatically, and some of them lost the league after Corona stopped.

Barcelona led the La Liga before stopping, but then the team suffered a violent jolt in the presence of Messi, the best in the world, tied after Corona three games, lost a match, lost La Liga, and then came out with a loud scandal from the Champions League and the team’s performance fell to finally overthrow Kiki Setien.

Juventus also suffered a violent jolt after Corona, lost the Coppa Italia final, lost to Milan by four, Rome by three, Cagliari and Udinese, tied with Atlanta and Sassuolo, and deposited the Champions League from Lyon to leave Sarri as coach of the team.

In England, despite Liverpool’s superiority before stopping, its performance and results were not at the same strength as before Corona, the Reds tied with Everton and Burnley, lost Manchester City by four and lost to Arsenal twice, including the Charity Shield match.

Fyler is still competing in three tournaments. He decided the championship and start experimenting with a list he did not choose. He still has the Egypt Cup and the strongest and most important tournament to compete in, which is the African Champions League. In general, though, the coach was accused of authoring and the question here:

If a tournament-breaking coach does not have time to conduct friendly matches he should not try, when can he do so?


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