“Let her clean” .. Sherry Hanim and her daughter Zomoroda, 6 years in prison


The Economic Court, headed by Counselor Marwa Hisham Barakat, has ruled to punish the two defendants, Sherifa Rifaat and her daughter, Nora Hisham, known in the media as “Sherry Hanim and her daughter Zomoroda”, to imprisonment for 6 years each, for their assault on the principles and values ​​of the family in the Egyptian society, in the communication submitted by lawyer Ashraf Farhat, Founder of the “Let It Clean” campaign.

The court also imposed a fine of 100,000 pounds each, and placed them under police surveillance for a period of 3 years.

The two defendants, Sherifa Rifaat, best known as Sherry Hanim, and her daughter Noura, known as “Zumoroda”, arrived at the headquarters of the Cairo Economic Misdemeanor Court, held under the presidency of Counselor Marwa Hisham Barakat, before the verdict was issued against the two defendants on charges of assaulting family values ​​and inciting prostitution. .

The Public Prosecution ordered the imprisonment of the two accused “Sherifa” – famously “Sherry Hanim” – and “Nora” – known as “Zomoroda” – for accusing them of assaulting family principles and values ​​in Egyptian society and violating the sanctity of private life, and publishing them with the intention of distributing and displaying images and crude video clips. Public modesty, and their announcement of an invitation that includes temptation to prostitution and draw attention to it, and the habit of one of them to engage in prostitution and incite the other to it and help and facilitate it in that, and its establishment, management and use of accounts for the information network with the aim of committing these crimes.

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