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We surrender to the common story and ready-to-prepare pre-packaged traits that have been passed down from generation to generation, and so, for example, we speak with pride about Mrs. Hoda Shaarawy, the woman editor who demanded, at the beginning of the last century, equality between the sexes, and whenever we decide to set an example of the most important women in the history of the nation, her name rises to the fore And when we mock the media that cares about presenting the lives of artists and dancers, Raya and Sakina, they ask with confidence: Where is Hoda Shaarawy from all this?.

The great lady, when she discovered that her wealthy and handsome son, Muhammad Bey Shaarawy, fell in love with the beautiful singer Fatima Serry, she decided to spoil that relationship by all illegal means, such as threatening to deprive her son of the inheritance and offering a financial bribe to Fatima, while Fatima stipulated that Muhammad Bek not to touch a hair Only after he made his marriage according to the Sunnah of God and His Messenger, and of course the lover, Al-Wolhan, gave in. The woman who chanted morning and evening went crazy crazy, and when Fatima realized that she was a bearer, he wrote another paper to all concerned parties that the fetus was a legitimate son of him, so Hoda decided that She comes to a man who will marry her a year prior to childbearing, so that the child will bear his name. Fatima refused all bargaining, and the court confirmed that the child is legitimate, and fragments of the revenge bomb exploded inside the woman’s editor to seize her baby granddaughter and prevent the mother from seeing her. Not eligible to take care of them.

These are the facts that are kept secret. The (Kunooz) page, which is supervised by the great writer, critic and poet Atef al-Nimr, in the newspaper (Al-Akhbar) recently referred to it. They are press documents that cannot bear doubts..

The theoretical is not practical, and many fill our ears and eyes with talking about honor and integrity, and when their notebooks became their turn against all the promises they made, do we remain on the same promise to them, or is it our duty to expose them and remove from the truth Sullivan papers. We have a dividing line between the artist and his creativity, and we do not confuse matters between the private and the public, we are not talking about a personal side, but about disgraceful behavior that a social interest has undertaken, and in this case the distance between the private and the public melts away. The writer or poet has the right to present creative work in which he is victorious. For things that he does not apply to himself in practice, there is no problem, for example, when Shadia sings (the heart loves once it does not love twice), and we do not ask how she loved and married more than once, this is her private life, while Hoda Shaarawy was at the forefront of the 19 revolution and the first president of the Egyptian Women’s Union And she participated in the establishment of the (Muhammad Ali Foundation) to help the poor patients and established the Literary Regime Association. The Egyptian woman, Musa and Siza Nabawy, represented the Egyptian woman in many scientific conferences and reached the site of the Vice President of the International Women’s Union.

Hoda Shaarawy’s life was presented in the series (Heliopolis), and it is ironic that Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak objected to the first name of the series (Hoda Shaarawy), so she could not tolerate any other woman to mention her name in the media, so the title was changed, and the series elaborated on all the details, and avoided mentioning the most important truth , That the liberator of the woman is the woman in the world who insulted the woman the most!!

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