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Divisions in attitudes and pronouncements between allies escalated Government of National Accord And the State Consultative Council, and some leaders and currents supporting them in western Libya.

According to observers, this divergence in attitudes, and the intensity of mutual accusations, indicate the realization of the “allies of yesterday” among these figures and bodies that the next stage will remove many of them from the scene.

The sharp criticisms were directed at the advisory council president, Khaled Al-Mishri, following televised statements on the “February” channel funded by Turkey, although in these statements he tried to clarify the rule of his council in the next stage and reassure the currents close to it.

According to political analyst Abd al-Rahman al-Wakdi, the attack, through exchanged statements between armed leaders and party currents, proves that the fragile alliances that include these entities in western Libya have begun to melt.

Al-Wakdi added, in a statement to “Irm News”, that the components supporting the militias close to Turkey Now you realize that its political liquidation by international powers will inevitably come, so some of them are trying to thwart these attempts by going to elections and adopting the controversial draft constitution; Because by virtue of its control over the electoral commission, and over large cities such as Tripoli, Misurata and Al-Zawiya, it will enable them to remain in power in one form or another.

Libya: Government of National Accord "Agree to activate" Military agreement with Turkey

In this context, the former advisor to the Supreme Council of State Consultative, Ashraf Al-Shehh, criticized the speech of the head of the council, Khaled Al-Mishri, accusing him of evasiveness.

Al-Shahh said in a tweet on his Twitter account: “Khaled Al-Mashri dodges and contradicts himself in justifying the stay deals with the Speaker of Parliament, Aqeelah Saleh.”

Al-Shahh, the main supporter of the reconciliation government and the State Council, attacked the head of the Justice and Construction Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, Muhammad Sawan, accusing him of putting obstacles in the way of the elections. In order to escape from returning the “trust” to its owners, which is the Libyan people, describing the party as a party of “villainy and affliction”, and that it is ready to do anything in exchange for staying in the political scene.

party "Justice and construction" Confirms his commitment to the political agreement

For his part, Belkacem Debars, a member of the State Advisory Council, said: The fundamental solution to the Libyan crisis lies in completing the path of the constitutional entitlement, which has achieved more than 60 to 70% of it, and supporting the High Electoral Commission in organizing and approving the general referendum.

In statements to the Al-Raed media network affiliated with the Justice and Construction Party, he indicated that the referendum on the constitution carries with it solutions to all the problems that Libya is now suffering from, and fortifies the country from external interference and foreign ambitions, and leads to elections.

Debars clarified that if everyone were to be bound by what the founding body reached to write the constitution, all Libyas problems would have ended in record time, stressing that the solution in Libya would not be military at all, whether long or short, according to him.

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