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Submit to you a site Mercato Day broadcast live match “Real Madrid And Valladolid ”in one Today’s matches Wednesday 9-30-2020 within the fourth round of La Liga.

Transfer match ‘Real Madrid And Valladolid ”on the channel BN Sports 1, with the voice of commentator “Issam Chawali,” and the channel La Liga TV Bar.

The match kicks off at 19:30 GMT, 21:30 GMT Egypt, 22:30 am Saudi, At the “Alfredo Di Stefano” stadium.

Enters Real Madrid His third match is in La Liga And he appointed him to achieve the second successive victory after beating “Real Betis” in the last round and tying with “Real Sociedad” in the second round.

And exists Real Madrid In seventh place with 4 points, 3 points behind leaders “Getafe”, with a match postponed for the first round of the Royal Club.

و .علن Real Madrid Today appeared the absence of the Belgian star Eden Hazard For today’s match, after suffering a muscle injury that could keep him away for a month, to join “Toni Kroos, Edir Milito and Mariano Diaz” in the list of absences, while Marco Asensio will be present after he recovered from the injury.

In return he will seek “ValladolidTo achieve his first victory in the Spanish League this season, where he scored a draw in the first round against “Real Sociedad”, lost in the second from “Real Betis” and tied in the third against “Celta Vigo”.

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Real Madrid 1-0 Valladolid

🏟️Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium (Madrid)

🏆La Liga (Fourth round)

It’s over

Live broadcast written moment by moment

  • welcome to broadcast live The match “Real Madrid and Valladolid” in the fourth round of the Spanish League.
  • It transmits to you the events of the match.Mohab Zayed“From the center Live broadcast Expected Mercato Day.
  • Please update this page to know the match details.
  • Real Madrid squad | Thibaut Courtois – Alvaro Odriozola – Raphael Varane – Sergio Ramos – Marcelo – Isco – Federico Valverde – Luka Modric – Carlos Casemiro – Luca Jovic – Karim Benzema.
  • Valladolid assortment | Roberto – Hervias – Bruno – Javi Sanchez – Raul Carneiro – Oscar Plano – Mitchell – Fedi San Emitterio – Waldo – Oriana – Weissmann.
  • “0 start of the game
  • “1 Real Madrid will play for the first time this season in the Spanish League in a full white sponsored uniform Adidas.
  • “9 Valverde almost opened the scoring for Real Madrid after hitting a ball from inside the penalty area, which was blocked by goalkeeper Roberto, to get out into the corner.
  • “15 The first quarter of the match has passed and a goalless draw still prevails.
  • “17 Luka Modric leads a quick counterattack for Real Madrid and passes to Valverde, who launched at great speed from the right side and sent a cross cross that Jovic met with a shot just above the goal.
  • “19 misunderstandings between Isco and Benzema prevent Real Madrid from a dangerous attack after a cross from Alvaro Odrizola.
  • “23 There have been no serious attacks in the last few moments.
  • 28 Oscar Plano was close to the threat of Real Madrid’s goal but Odrizola intervenes and pushes the ball away.
  • “32 direct free kicks for a team Valladolid From the right side, Alia sends into the penalty area, but Real Madrid’s defense pushes her away.
  • “33 Valladolid is the best in these moments.
  • “34 Modric paves Marcelos cross to Luca Yovitch Who hit it directly, but in the outside window.
  • “36 Orellana hits a ball from outside the penalty area easily in hand Thibaut Courtois.
  • “38 games are below average so far, slow and few attacks.
  • 40 Benzema hits the ball badly from a difficult angle, far above the goal.
  • 41 Waldo hits a powerful ball creeping out of the penalty area adjacent to Cortuas left post; “The first real threat to Valladolid so far.”
  • “45 whistle at the end of the first half, with a goalless draw.
  • “45 start of the second half.
  • “47 The extraordinary brilliance of goalkeeper Roberto prevents Luka Jovi from scoring the goal for Real Madrid with a superb header from the corner.
  • 54 Courtois responds to Roberto and saves the ball with a goal from the striker Weisman.
  • 56 – Three substitutions at once for Real Madrid, with the departure of Alvaro Odziola, the entry of Dani Carvajal, the exit of Isco and the entry of Asensio.
  • 57, Luka Jovi’s exit and Vinicius Junior enters.
  • 62 Marcelo hits a ball with his right from the left that goes out of the way.
  • 63🔁🔁Two substitutions at once for Valladolid, with the exit of Oriana, the entry of Kiki Perez, the exit of Imiterio and the entry of Maranhão.
  • “65 ⚽ – Vinicius Junior scores the goal for Real Madrid.
  • “65 Goal story: Defender Brorno is late in passing the ball outside the penalty area, to extract it from Vinicius and pass it to Karim Benzema, who tried to dodge the defenders inside the area to hit their feet and go to Venecos again to shoot it in the net.
  • “68 Courtois saves Real Madrid from the equalizer after a powerful shot from a difficult angle from left back Garcia.
  • “71🟨 yellow card On the player Valladolid Bruno Gonzales.
  • “72 Kiki Perez hits a powerful ball from outside the penalty area, which Courtois saved to the corner.
  • “74 Roberto stars again, facing a powerful shot from Karim Benzema.
  • 74🔁🔁Two substitutions at once for Valladolid, with the exit of Waldo Rubio, the entry of Sergi Guardiola, the exit of Sean Weissmann and the entry of Tony Suarez
  • “77 Benzema misses a scoring chance after passing a very short ball on Vincius Jr. To be removed by the defender.
  • “78🟨 yellow card On Carlos Casemiro.
  • “81 The crossbar prevents Luka Modric from scoring the second goal, after a shot from outside the penalty area.
  • 86🔁The fourth substitution for Real Madrid, with an exit Karim Benzema And entry to Borja Mayoral.
  • 87🔁The fifth and last substitution for Valladolid, with the exit of Michel de la Fuente and the entry of Moroccan player Jaouad Al-Yamek.
  • 90 The referee adds 3 minutes calculated in time instead of wasted.
  • “90 + 2 yellow card for Marcelo.
  • “90 + 3 Vinicius Junior wastes a strangely candid singularity.
  • “90 + 3 whistle at the end of the match, with Real Madrid winning with one goal to none.
  • Congratulations to Real Madrid fans, and goodbye in other matches.

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